Carolina Gold Sauce - © 2022 Wing Stop

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Another seasonal-heavy edition of the Fast Food Week blog. And some really tasty sauce deals – especially from KFC and Wingstop. Not to mention reappearances by some old fave salty snacks. And the annual re-emergence of the old Fruitcake Debate…

Extra Gravy KFC - © 2022 KFCNever come up short on KFC gravy again…

KFC UK brings back extra Gravy deals

KFC is offering its extra-gravy deals again this holiday season. Get extra tubs of gravy with the Gravy Double and Triple Buckets. Each comes with selections of Chicken dishes and sides, 4 four regular fries, and a large bottled beverage. And not one but two large side tubs of gravy. The gravy will never run out during a special KFC meal again!

Wingstop pours Carolina Gold BBQ

Looks like the next fad-come-trend in the BBQ flavour sweepstakes is going to be Carolina Gold. Wing Stop is now pouring a new blend of mustard-based sauce that likely features brown sugar and vinegar (See photo, top of page). You can try it on a selection of Chicken menu items including Wingstop’s Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, Bone-in Wings or Boneless Wings. At selected Wingstop locations starting now.

KFC launches Blessings Holiday Sharemobile fleet

KFC is launching a new Blessings In A Backpack program to help feed kids in areas where surveys show folks are struggling with food insecurity.

KFC Sharemobile - © 2022 KFC

The Blessings program operates in 44 states and Washington, D.C. year round, making sure kids get proper meals on weekends, when school meal programs are shut down. It’s a partnership model with local charities who street-level operations. And it’s particularly important over the holidays when kids may not get meals at school for up to 2 weeks running.

Beyond Clean? Contamination issues at Penna. plant

Its enough of a shocker when a mainstream food processing plant gets nailed for cleanliness issues. But it really turns heads when a facility like Beyond Meat is accused of gross food safety negligence. According to the Los Angeles Times, on at least 11 occasions, products from the factory tested positive for Listeria and a variety of moulds. The document lists the contamination as occurring between the second half of 2021 and lasting through the first half of this year. Wow! It’s been hard enough to sell the masses on plant-based meat substitutes, especially at prices above those of real meat. What’s this going to do to Beyond’s rep – especially just before the Holidays?

Wendy’s brings back $2Frosty Key Tags

Every Holiday season, Wendy’s offers special Frosty Key Tags good for free Jr. Frosties over the following year.

Frostee Keychain - © 2023 KFC

The program is in support of the the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps supports children in foster care (Dave Thomas was the founder of Wendy’s). Showing your tag will get you a free Jr. with any purchase throughout next year. Get yours now, through the Wendy’s App and in store.

McDonald’s presses on with ‘Future store’ plan

I think it was about half a year back when we lat heard any major announcements from Fast Food brands about their much-touted resto-of-the-future concepts.But they’ve apparently been labouring on in the background on new tech. Witness the new conveyor belt system on test at a special McLocation in Texas. Some orders will get express prep and fulfilment with minimum human intervention thanks to the system. Taco Bell débuted a dumbwaiter system designed to do the same thing earlier this year.

Frito-Lay brings back White Cheddar Snowflakes

If you were disappointed that it was getting closer to Cristmas, and there was no sign of Frito Lay’s festive White Cheddar Snowflakes or other festive faves, rejoyce!

Cheetos - Smartfood - © 2022 Holiday Chips - Lays

The company is bringing them back for the holidays, along with Lay’s Sweet & Salty Dipped Clusters, and half a dozen more. All available now, or very soon, at the usual major national retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

IHOP tries Mini Pancakes Cereal

General Mills is testing a new breakfast treat what will also quickly addict screen-front snackers: Mini Pancake Cereal. The mini cakes are flat on the bottom but curved on top – more like fat cookies or snack cakes of some kind. That makes a bigger mouthful. But that;s not a bad thing – especially got snackers. The premiere flavour is Blueberries & Syrup flavor, which should be appearing at selected outlets late this month…

The old Fruitcake Debate

I don’t know why so many food writers and so-called influencers feel they have to pooh-pooh good oldfashioned Engish Fruit Cake at holiday time. I was brought up in the British tradition to appreciate its wonderful, complex, not-too-sweet flavour and chewy, fruity texture. I have a suspicion that a few generations of kids who grew up on sugary cereals ultra-processed snacks just can’t get their head around bold, rich eating experiences such as fruit cake anymore. But if you’re a lover, rather than a hater, MTN DEW has a special Holiday flavour called Fruit Quake. It purportedly, “marries the brand’s iconic citrus flavors with a ‘blast of the fruity taste of the holidays’.” Get it while you can…

And that’s the skinny…

… On the best of the best fast Food selections and seasonal Snacks that will be making us all a little fatter over the next few days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.