Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News

It’s rebound season here at Fast Food Week! An overwhelming number of our top-tier grab-and-go selections are coming back to their respective outlets for a limited time. But we also have some totally new stuff from familiar old friends like Papa John’s, White Castle and Hormel…

Taco Bel Mex Pizza - © 2022 Taco BellTaco Bell’s Mexican Pizza: Back by popular demand!

Taco Bell brings Mexican Pizza back in May

In response to a clamor of consumer demand, Taco Bell is bringing back its quirky Mexican Pizza. But not until May 19, and who knows for how long after that. But there’s been no indication that this is a limited time offering, either. Get it while you can…

Papa John’s does Stuffed Crust

Late to the party, but celebrating cheese-stuffed crust to the hilt, Papa John’s is now offering a new Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust Pizza and Spicy Pepperoni Rolls as limited time menu additions.

Papa Johns Pizza Rolls - © 2022 Papa Johns

The new Spicy Pepperoni Rolls feature PJ’s signature Pepperoni and pizza sauce, rolled up with jalapenos and melted cheese on Papa John’s original pizza dough. The Rolls, which come in orders of 8, and the pies are available now through July 8.

White Castle celebrates 100 years with new Slider

The Castle is adding a new 1921 Slider to its permanent menu in honour of the first slider ever served at it’s original location back in 1921. It reportedly features a thick beef patty (in contrast to WC’s usual thin one), topped with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, and pickles. The chain is also launching a new Coca-Cola Cream Soda beverage.

Hormel intros Plant-Based Chili

You heard right: The folks who made their name on SPAM, and have been the go-to canned Chili brand for decades are now offering Plant-Based Chili.

Hormel Plant-Based Chili - © 2022 Hormel

The new recipe contains 22 grams of protein per can and goes further on the healthy front: it’s claimed to be dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, BPA-free, and contains no artificial colours or flavors. Perfect for heat-and-eat fans who don’t want the meat.

Waffle Fries back at McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s has offered Waffle Fries off an on for a few years, but never really featured them. Now, they’re back again in Canada, low key. It’s a limited-time engagement, of course. Get ’em while you can!

Reese’s brings back PB Lover’s Cups

Regular PB Lovers’ Cups feature a layer of PB ganache on top, rather than the usual chocolate lid, surrounding the usual PB filling.

Reeses PB Lovers Cups - © 2022 Reeses


The Ultimate PB Lovers’ Cup dispenses with Chocolate altogether and enshrouds the PB filing with pure PB ganache. It’s a limited-time release, of course.

Kellogg’s brings back Frosted Grape Pop Tarts

And it’s about time (see photo, top of page). There’s something about that Concord Grape-red filing and the sweet tooth-aching taste of Kellogg’s iconic white icing that no other Pop Tart flavour can match. And it’s back again starting next month at al the usual outlets. We haven’t seen them since 2017, and who knows when we’ll see them again. Get ’em while supplies last!

Hostess adds Mint Chocolate Cr!ispy Minis

New Mint Chocolate Minis feature mint creme and chocolate topping – made from real mint and cocoa; no artificial colours or flavours.

Mint Chocolate Crispy Minis - © 2022 Hostess

No high-fructose corn syrup, either. They’re available from all the usual sources now.

And that’s the skinny…

… On the best of the new sinful indulgences that will be making some of us fatter in the coming days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.