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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

We all know that retailers in al sectors have been pushing the season’ more and more in the past decade or so. It started with cars: Now the 2023 models come out in spring 2022. And according to the Fast Food chains, we’re on the doorstep of summer!

7-Eleven Pizza BOGO - © 2022 7-Eleven7-Eleven BOGO Pizza deal when you buy via the app…

7-Eleven rolls out BOGO Pizza deal

7-Eleven has been getting deeper and deeper into grab-and-go foods lately. Now, they’re pairing a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal on large 7-Meat, Cheese, or Pepperoni pizzas with a promo for their 7-NOW delivery app. Now through April 4, at participating U.S. outlets.

Wendy’s cascades April deals

Wendy’s big April specials include a different deal each week of the month. To start they’re offering Breakfast Biscuits at just a buck. Then it’s a Dave’s Single for a buck. The third week, its a Premium Chicken Sandwich buy-one-get another for a buck. And to cap off the month, you can get a free 6-piece order of classic or spicy chicken nuggets. But you have to use the Wendy’s mobile app and order for delivery.

Kellogg’s sends snackers three new munchies

Nobody (I think) will deny how perfect some cereals are for box-to-hand-to-mouth snacking. Perhaps the oldest of those is Sugar Frosted Flakes.

Flavoured Frosted Flakes - © 2022 Kelloggs

Now, Kellogg’s is blasting out Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, and Cinnamon French Toast flavours. Great with milk, too, I imagine. Coming in May to a cereal aisle near your.

SONIC pours Summer Edition Slushes

SONIC is partnering with Red Bull to bring back 2 summer Slushes: Special Edition Strawberry Apricot Red Bull and Original Red Bull. They’re available now for half off when ordering during Happy Hour (4 – 10 p.m.), or anytime ordering via the app.

DQ welcomes summer (!) with new Slush

Poolside Punch Twisty Misty Slush, is officially described as tasting, “like summer in a cup.” It’s a slush ice drink with swirled layers of blue raspberry and pink punch flavors.

Poolside Twisty Misty - © 2022 Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen says it’s meant to be a ‘social media friendly’ beverage ‘you can enjoy by the pool’… It’s pushing the season a bit (a lot!), but what Fast Food chain doesn’t do that these days?

Nerds Candy launching Bomb Pops

Original Bomb Pops frozen ice on a stick treats are débuting a new Nerds flavour. It’s actually a three 3-in-1 ice pop featuring strawberry, watermelon, and grape Nerds flavors. The Nerds Bomb is the latest in a series of collabs – with Crush, Warheads, and Hawaiian Punch.


International Alert: Burger King pours Peanut Sauce

BK South Korea – one of those American-based Fast Food giants that often goes off the rails menu-wise – is serving up Peanut Butter Stackers. But by all accounts that have reached me, it’s not Satay-style Sauce. The official description says it’s made with Peanut Butter and ‘Dark’ Cheese.

Peanut Stacker - © 2022 BK South Korea

Now, your trad Stacker is a two-patty burger. But in South Korea, there’ll also one with a Crispy Chicken patty in place of one beef slab. Will you be there May 8 or after?

International Alert: Pizza Hut does Dim Sum

A Dim Sum Pizza, that is. “Ini Pizza BARU yang pasti kalian tunggu!” the official announcement from @Pizza_HutID trumpets, in Indonesian: “This is the Pizza you’ve been waiting for!” Maybe…

Dim Sum Pizza - © 2022 Pizza Hut Indonesia

It’s a regular pizza (Chicken, Meat Lovers, Cheese Lovers, and others) with little pastry-wrapped Dim Sum ‘purses’ filled with ‘prawns and fish’ arranged around the rim. Available now at Pizza Hut Indonesia locations for just 123,000 Indonesian Rupees, or around (US)$8.57.

And that’s the crème de la crème

… Of what’s destined to make some of us a little plus lourde over the coming pre-summer days and and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.