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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

Like a sudden whiteout in early spring, the flurry of Easter and St. Patrick’s Day ‘special’ announcements came and went largely in a single week. Now it’s back to the usual procession of Fast Food specials and crossover product partnerships and loyalty card promotions…

BK New Whoppers - © 2022 Burger KingThe new additions to the Burger King Whopper Family…

Burger King expands Whopper ‘family’

… With a selection of new Whopper Melts. They have the same amount of meat as a regular whopper, but divided into two W-Jr. patties. The basic Whopper Melt consists of the patties, American (Processed) cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce, on BK’s signature round bread. The Spicy Whopper Melt adds jalapeños and spicy sauce. The Bacon Whopper Melt builds on the basic model, adding bacon. BK teases, the Melts are just the start of ‘more Whopper innovations coming later this year’.

Wendy’s brings back Crispy Panko Fish for Lent…

Wendy’s may be a week or two late with its announcement, but it is definitely bringing back Crispy Panko Fish sandwich for the pre-easter period. It comes with served with tartar sauce, pickles, lettuce, and American (Processed) cheese on a toasted bun.

Wendys Crispy Panko Fish - © 2022 Wendys

Note that Wendy’s used to serve Cod on this menu item, but switched to Pollack last year. I can personally attest, it’s still a superior fish sammy.

… Offers Dave’s Cheeseburger deal through mid-April

You can get Dave’s Single Cheeseburger for just $1 when you order through the Wendy’s App, for a limited time. It’s just one of a whole slew of deals on now at the square-patty resto.

Taco Bel reprises Nacho Fries

The Bell has brought back Nacho Fries and is featuring them as a lead ingredient in its new Steak Nacho Fries Burrito. It’s built on steak, of course, nacho cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, shredded cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and seasoned fries wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. The fries are described as lightly-battered and dredged in ‘bold Mexican Seasonings’. The Fries on their own come with a tub of nacho cheese sauce for dipping. Get ’em while they’re – for a limited time only.

Subway launches two new cold-cut subs

They’re the Mozza Meat and Supreme Meats sandwiches, and both showcase Subway’s new Capicola Ham. The Mozza Meat also includes black forest ham, BelGioioso fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, banana peppers, and a parmesan vinaigrette.

Subway Mozza Meat & Supreme Meat - © 2022 Subway

The Supreme features pepperoni, Genoa salami, capicola, black forest ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, banana pepper, and the same parmesan vinaigrette. Both come on ‘artisan’ Italian bread. And then there’s Jimmy Garoppolo’s Benissimo (named for the NFL player who will be promoting the new sandwiches) with pepperoni, rotisserie chicken, provolone, spinach, tomatoes, and Peppercorn Ranch on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread. All for a limited time…

7-Eleven premieres Bean Burger

It’s an old school veggie burger made of black beans, corn and rice with Tex-Mex seasonings. And it comes on a brioche bun with a slice of American (Processed) cheese. 7-Eleven is introducing the Bean Burger with a 2-for-1 hot sandwich special, and a low introductory price of $2 à la carte for 7-Rewards members.

Applebee’s adds Loaded Fries, a Burger and a doughnut

Applebee’s is adding Brew Pub Loaded Waffle Fries to its starters menu. They’re waffle fries topped with melted cheddar cheese, Blue Moon white cheddar beer cheese, and bacon, and they come with buttermilk ranch dressing on the side.

Applebees Brew Pub Loaded Waffle Fries - © 2022 Applebees

The family resto is also adding an Impossible Burger plate with two slices of American (Processed) cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on a toasted bun, with fries are on the side. And for dessert, there’s new Sugar Dusted Doughnut Dippers, described as hot, crispy, mini doughnuts, tossed in powdered sugar, with caramel or hot fudge dipping sauces.

Kellogg’s launches new Club Crisps Sweet & Salty

They’re the latest addition to the Club Crisps family, a blend of salt and brown sugar on the familiar buttery, wavy baked chips. At all the usual sources, for a limited time only.

Buffalo Wild Wings and MTN DEW partner on a Legend

Legend soda, that is. It’s exclusive to BWW, at least for its opening engagement in the market (seepicture, top of page). MTN DEW Legend is described as original Dew with notes of blackberry, citrus, and ginger. At participating locations now, with a chain-wide roll-out by mid-May.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what will be making many of us a little fatter over the coming days and weeks. Check in right here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.