Heart-Shaped Pizza - © 2021

Fast Food Week: Quick Serve Resto And Snacks News!

Here we go… Lots and lots of Valentine’s Day specials and so on this past week, too many for us to list here! But that doesn’t change the fact that the big day is tomorrow! Tune in again tomorrow for some special ideas about what you can make yourself, to make Valentine’s 2021 happier for you and yours…

Cajun Flounder Sandwich - © 2021The new Popeye’s Cajun Flounder Sandwich: Looks a lot like its own and
the seminal Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich. And several other
Sammys that have come out over the past year or so.

Popeye’s dances on down Sandwich Street…

With a new Fish Burger, that looks a lot like the now-famous Popeye’s Chicken Sammy launched in 2019 to much fanfare and a little rioting, the Louisiana Kitchen has produced something it’s calling the Cajun Flounder Sandwich, just in time for Lent. Looks good, as does the new Crispy Cajun Shrimp Basket. Seems these new items are destined for the Popeye’s main menu, though there’s been no confirmation of that, as yet.

… Returns Chicken Nuggets to main menu

Remember not along ago (maybe a year?)when Popeye’s announced it was going to streamline it’s main menu in the interests of making compliance with COVID-19 sanitation and service regulations easier for its staff? Now, at the same time as adding a Flounder Sandwich (see above), the Cajun resto is quietly bringing back Chicken Nuggets. Must have been quite a backlash from Nugget fans after nuggets were struck off the menu in the first place!

Panda Express goes big for Asian New Years

The noodle and stir fry guys are offering, for the first time, a limited-time Lunar New Years Celebration Kit featuring a voucher for a family dinner. The Kit comes with all the accoutrements and info you ever wanted for your own celebration, including two custom-designed aprons and a stack of coveted Red ‘Good Luck’ Envelopes. It’s touted ass a $125 value, but is being sold at under $60. Order today from the Panda Express merchandise website.

Smucker’s finally gets its unicorn

We’ve all seen Smucker’s famous jams and jellies on supermarket shelves and in occasional TV commercial campaigns. But now, the venerable brand has branched out with a new Ice Cream topping: Unicorn Magic Shell. Who remembers the instant crunchy Chocolate shell that formed on a DQ cone when it was dipped in that special liquid Chocolate bath beside the Soft Serve machine? Same deal. Now, the Jam Giant already sells an array of instant-freezing Ice Cream Candy Shells, but this one features a white cupcake flavor with pink, blue and purple sprinkles. I want to know: why did it take so long for Smucker’s to jump on the now-passée Unicorn bandwagon so late?

Everything Heart-Shaped for Valentine’s 2021

Everything – literally everything – you can imagine is available ‘heart-shaped’ for Valentine’s Day. You may think first of Pizza, as the obvious Valentine’s Day novelty menu item. But this past week, just about everything you could ever want – and a bunch of other stuff (just my personal opinion) has popped up on the news release lists and food news wires. Even the second- and third-tier players are getting on the bandwagon. Brownies appear to have a very high place on the Valentine’s goodies menu. But everything from Baking Powder Biscuits and and heart-shaped Chocolate Box Ice Cream Cakes is there for the buying. The big day is tomorrow, but you should have no trouble finding something appropriate for your sweetie if you’ve left your shopping until the last minute…

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to us and our sweeties a little fatter over the next week or so. See you back here in seven for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.