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Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

It’s summer time, otherwise known as the crazy season, by out-of-classes kids who love that “the livin’ is easy”. For some Fast Food chains, summer is merger season. Others think ‘Hot’ means it’s Sriracha season. And still others think it’s a great time to launch a new clothing line!

KFC Pillow - © 2017 KFCYou can even get a limited-edition ‘Wake up with the Colonel’ Pillow case…

KFC gets warm and fuzzy with clothing line

KFC recently sent a Zinger Chicken sandwich to the stratosphere. And dressed up Rob Lowe to look like the Colonel – in a space suit. Now, after much thought (I’m sure) they’ve launched a limited edition clothing line you can buy online, featuring: A replica of the Colonel’s string tie for (US)$12; Chicken Drumstick motif socks, in red or tan, for (US)$8; a Chicken Drumstick design T-Shirt for (US)$30; and a special Colonel’s Suit T-Shirt for (US)$18. See them (and buy them) at the KFC Shopping website

Krispy Kreme buys Panera Bread!

And they paid (US)$7.5 billion (with a ‘B’!)

But shareholders of JAB Holdings, which owns Krispy Kreme brand, think it’s a great idea. And word is, JAB is gunning for Starbucks with this latest acquisition. All the need is a Coffee line-up that can stand up to Starbucks iconic slate and they definitely have a chance. Panera definitely has the up-scale food.

Starbucks launches new Breakfast Wrap

You like to start your day wit Steak and Eggs? Starbucks is extending its early-shift menu with a new Seared Steak and Tomatillo Wrap featuring real Steak chunks and ‘velvety’ scrambled eggs. The Eggs, Starbucks is quick to point out, are cage-free and you also get Caramelized Onions, and Tomatillo Salsa, inside a warm Tortilla.

For the mid-day repast, Starbucks is also launching two new high-protein lunch bowls: Chicken & Quinoa with Black Beans & Greens, and Vegan Lentils & Vegetables with Brown Rice.

While we’re at Starbucks…

We’re told that the upscale Coffee and Café chain was almost named The Cargo House!

In an interview with its hometown newspaper, Seattle Times interview with co-founder Gordon Bowker. With hindsight, he said that name would have been a huge mistake. Another early contender was ‘Starbo’. Close, but no cigar. Then  Bowker remembered one of his childhood stories – Moby Dick – and the name Stasbucks leapt to mind. And that was that. Seems the character Starbuck, in the Book and movie, really liked his coffee.

McD’s launches signature Sriracha Sauce

The test marketing and limited-time roll-outs must have been pretty successful. McDonald’s has launched its Sriracha Mac Sauce, the featured topper for a new a new Signature Sriracha Sandwich. It’s a Chicken Breast ‘Burger’ with Crispy Onions, Baby Spinach and Kale, Tomato, and White Cheddar. The Sauce is also available, for a limited time, to dunk your McNuggets in. If folks love it enough, it may become a mainstream menu item…

Here’s a different kind of Burger promotion…

Burger King Agentina is giving away 1,000 prosthetic hands to those in need. The hands are manufactured via 3D printing by an Argentinian company called Atomic Lab. Half the proceeds from the sale of each new Stacker Atomic 5.0 Burger will go towards Atomic Labs’ costs. It sounds really altruistic and generous – but let’s keep in mind that it takes two hands to eat a Burger… And we know what kind of Burger artificial hand recipients will be chowing down on!

And that’s it for now… See you all next Saturday for a rundown of the coming week’s biggest Fast Food News!

~ Maggie J.