Fast Food Week!

What a week! The action on the Chicken Front was intense, as Burger King trolled Wendy’s on Nuggets and two major players introduced new Chicken Tenders. KFC gets Kreepy for Hallowe’en and Arby’s brings back its infamous, impossible to get Venison Sandwich for hunting season…

Arby's Venision Sandwich - © Arby'sArby’s infamous Venison Sandwich: It was disappointingly scarce last fall.
This time, it will be easier to get, but only for one day – October 21.

Arby’s brings back Venison Sandwiches

Arby’s last year made a big deal out of offering Venison (Deer Meat) Sandwiches as part of its hunting season promotion. Folks loved them. Arby’s didn’t follow through with enough sandwiches at enough locations. Now, it’s hunting season again and Arby’s is bringing back the Venison Sammy: a thick-cut Venison ‘steak’ with Fried Onion Rings and Juniper Berry Sauce.This time, they’re bringing them to all U.S. locations – but only for one day, October 21. Don’t miss it!

McD’s and Wendy’s both launch Crispy Chicken Tenders

This past week, McDnald’s and Wendy’s both laiunched new menu items based on Crispy Chicken Tenders. We assume you can get any of either outlet’s Dipping Sauces to go with the Chicken. These are real chicken Tenders, not mechanically de-boned chicken ‘shapes’. They both look good in the official photos…

A Chicken Nugget War of Words erupts!

Burger King has been accused, by at least one food reviewer I follow, of trolling Wendy’s with the launch of its new Spicy Nuggets. Wendy’s removed its version of the menu item from its menu a few months back, in spite of the fact that it had generated a small but ardent following.

Burger King actually took lout a full-page ad in the Miami Herald last weekend trashing Wendy’s and promoting their own Spicy Nuggets: “(Yea, if your name is Wendy, we’re talking to you.) We’ve been listening. It sounds like you’ve been missing the spice in your life long enough.” Wendy’s has not yet responded…

KFC takes ‘kreepy kommercials’ one step further…

In the latest of a long series of promotions ranging from off-beat to down right ‘kreepy’, KFC is leveraging Hallowe’en and everything it stands for… For (US)$5. you can get a special KFC loot bucket and a Colonel Sanders costume. And you thought Row Lowe as the Colonel was scary!

Pizza Hut Parka promotes new delivery service

Pizza Hut has a new, super-insulated delivery container and it’s trumpeting the fact by offering a limited number of Parkas made of the same material. If it keeps your pie hot, imagine how tasty it will keep you! The jackets are bright, ‘Pizza Hut’ Red and feature three layers of 3M Thinsulate insulation – the stuff many winter gloves and mittens are made from. There’s a Pizza slice-shaped pocket inside and a pocket for your phone on the sleeve. There’s just one catch: you can’t buy the Parka. The Hut will be giving them out randomly to customers who order through the Pizza Hut App or online.

Premium Coffee sector offering just get crazier

Tim Horton’s has raised the Crazy Ceiling in the Premium Coffee sector, launching a Buffalo Wing Flavoured Latté this month only. The release is ultra-limited, though, available only at two locations in Buffalo, NY. Doesn’t bother me that I won’t be able to taste one. Buffalo Wing Latté is just too far out for me.

Denny’s reveals special Fall menu items

Denny’s restos aren’t exactly ‘Fast Food outlets, but the true Fast Food brands have ben puching further and further into Denny’s niche in recent years that I felt we should feature their Fall menu special. The Cranberry Orange Pancake Breakfast is a big plate: two Cranberry-riddled Buttermilk Pancakes, two Eggs, Hash Browns and your choice of Sausage or Bacon, topped with Orange Cream Cheese Icing. The Raspberry Pancake Breakfast is no slouch, either, featuring two white chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes and the same breakfast offerings as the Cranberry Orange Breakfast. They’re around for a limited time only…

Lays announces 2017 Do Us A Flavor Contest winner

The lucky flavour is… Crispy Taco. Fans had a few months to try and vote for Fried Green Tomato, Everything Bagel, or Crispy Taco. Elle Sarem from San Antonio, Texas suggested the flavour and collects a (US)$1 million prize as the winner of the public opinion poll.

It’s been a busy week!

Too bad most of the new menu items announced are limited-time specials! Especially the Arby’s Venison Sandwiches…

~ Maggie J.