Burger King Buffalo Chicken Melt - © brandeating.com

Fast Food Week!

What a week! The major players are still pumping out new menu item announcements like there’s no tomorrow and, apparently, they expect us all to line up and try all of them. And we ask: Who would open a restaurant in a location where the parking is owned and controlled by someone else?

Forbidden Taco Bowl - © Brayden Curtis via FoodbeastThe new Taco Bell Forbidden Rice Bowl. I personally don’t find it all that appetizing.
Can you guys dress up the presentation a little?

BK unveils Crispy Buffalo Chicken Melt

As the name implies, it’s a deep-fried spicy Chicken ‘Filet’ (Breast meat) covered in Ken’s brand Buffalo Sauce and served with melted Mozzarella on a toasted Potato Bun. Basically, it’s a spicy spin on Burger King’s Chicken Parmesan sandwich. If you like spicy, this one’s for you. If you don’t, it may be a little much, heat-wise.

And… BK France has started something really different!

Burger King France has launched what it calls its Mystery Burger. For E2.00 (about (US)$2.50) you get one of the ten burgers on the menu there. You just don’t know which one until you open the plain white clam shell box. Regardless of what you receive, you get a nice discount off the regular price of the sandwiches. Your reward for being adventuresome!

OREOs drops another flavour

New Cookie Butter OREOs are in the stores starting this coming week. For a limited time only, of course. That seems to be how these things work, now-a-days. Stuff you really like is teased to you for a few weeks then taken away. I don’t understand the marketing logic behind that. Or, should I say, the logic behind that kind of marketing. Ultimately, the brand leaves the customer frustrated…

CocaCola Coffee pops out of Japanese Vending Machines

Coke has launched Coffee-flavoured CocaCola in Japan. Brown-on-brown. But it’s apparently a good thing. And, as bad as it sounds, health-wise, it’s still probably better than the Beer that pops out of so many vending machines over there. It’s lo-Cal and contains just enough Caffeine to give you a buzz when you want, or think you need one.

Taco Bell launches Forbidden Rice Bowl

The bowl is not forbidden, of course. The Rice is Chinese Black Rice which, in dynastic times, was reserved for royalty and forbidden to the common folk. It’s a nutty, creamy, unique flavour. The dish features said Rice topped with fried Avocado, and Forbidden Sauce (like Sriracha) along with Black Beans, Romaine Lettuce, diced Tomato, Sour Cream, and a choice of Meat (shredded or grilled Chicken, Steak, or seasoned Beef). There’s also a Burrito version. And, yes: it’s a limited time test market release. Hope the results are good and they add it to the menu!

McD’s McFrappés now bottled for retail

McDonald’s has released three of its popular McFrappé beverages bottled for retail and available at selected supermarkets and other outlets almost everywhere. They come in Vanilla, Caramel and Mocha. The move is seen as a direst response to Starbucks, which recently launched its own line of retail-packaged Frappés.

Subway brings back ‘Carved Turkey’ Sub for Fall

Subway – notorious in recent years for slicing its meat and cheese so thin you can read the paper through it – says it’s offering its Sliced Turkey Sub for fall again this year. The official photo shows a six-inch Roll stacked with thick-sliced Turkey breast, Cheese Slices, Baby Spinach and Subway’s Cranberry Mustard Sauce. One reviewer whose evaluation I read was generally disappointed with it.

KFC UK customer fined for parking too long at the resto

A family in Wolviston, England was ticketed for leaving his car too long in the parking lot of its local sit-down KFC resto. There’s a one-hour limit and the family over-stayed its welcome. But dad Mark Howie says it nuts to limit parking time to an hour when you have a whole brood to feed and clean up after and so on. He’s right. The KFC location eventually got the parking authority policing the private lot to overturn the fine – only after Howie produced a proof-of-purchase at the location, time-stamped for the period in question. What I want to know is, why would a resto operator locate in a place where the only parking was time-limited and owned and policed by someone else?

Now you know everything!

Go forth and eat!

~ Maggie J.