Fast Food Week!

It’s Easter, and April Fool’s, both on the same day, this weekend. Time for a special edition of Fast Food Week, featuring Easter specials and April Fool pranks. And, in the midst of all that, some genuine new menu announcements and something Starbuck’s Japan is billing as ‘White Coffee’…

Burger King Chocolate Whopper April Fools - © Burger King SingaporeBurger King pranked patrons with a faux Whopper ad…

April Fool’s Day: BK is playing the game…

Easter Sunday falls on April 1 – April Fool’s Day – this year. In observance of that, Burger King Singapore created an all-dessert Chocolate Whopper. It looks like a Whopper, but it’s made with Chocolate Cake Buns, a Chocolate ‘Beef’ Patty, Raspberry Syrup (in place of ketchup), White chocolate as the onions, milk chocolate as the lettuce (missed opportunity not using green Matcha Chocolate ‘Onion Rings’, Vanilla Frosting ‘Mayo’, and Candied Blood Oranges take the place of Tomatoes. Our source doesn’t say whether you can actually buy it on April 1 in Singapore, but it makes a great looking ad. (See above.)

…And Starbucks might be getting in on the act, too

There have been a flurry of social media posts this past week reporting that Starbucks is test-marketing Bob, or Bubble Tea at selected locations. Boba – also known as Pearl Tea –  comes originally from Taiwan and contains Tapioca pellets that generally have a consistency somewhere between Jujubes and Licorice. Devotées say it’s an acquired taste. After trying it once, I am in no hurry to acquire the taste. And, as the hasty disappearance of posts from the net suggests, it may all be a Starbucks April Fool’s prank.

Starbuck’s Japan tests ‘White Coffee’

No, really. The beverage is made with Milk in which Coffee Beans have been left to soak for 14 hours. Coffee fans will recognise the process as similar to cold brewing, in which Coffee is soaked in room-temperature or cold water for 8 hours or more. The treated milk is then blended with crushed ice and chopped Macadamia Nuts, and topped with Whipped Cream and a sprinkle of Brown Sugar. Sounds… Interesting, maybe.

Krispy Kreme unveils new Easter treat

The doughnut giant has debuted a new creation especially for Easter: a hole-less Yeast-leavened doughnut dipped in Chocolate Icing and decorated like an Easter Egg. And it’s filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream! I want one of those…

IHOP mimics McGriddle in new Breakfast Menu

IHOP has announced a revamped Breakfast menu featuring a Pancake Slider that looks a lot like a McDonald’s McGriddle. The slider consists of: Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Maple Glaze, Process Cheese, and an Omelette (which reminds one of McD’s Folded Eggs) all stacked between two silver dollar pancakes. IHOP has also announced something it calls theUltimate Waffle Stack, which piles six strips of Bacon, two Eggs, White Cheddar cheese, and Maple Glaze between a pair of Cheesy Waffle ‘Buns’. These new Breakfast treats aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the price.

Burger King explores Sourdough option

In its never-ending quest to come up with new things for its menu without going too far off the reservation, BK has launched a new version of its King that features slices of Sourdough Bread as Buns. The sandwich includes: two quarter-pound flame-grilled Beef Patties, Process Cheese, Bacon, sliced Onions, and creamy Signature Sauce on a toasted Sourdough. There’s also a new Breakfast Sourdough King consisting of: a choice of Sausage, Bacon, or Ham plus Eggs and two slices of Cheese on a toasted Sourdough Bun. As usual, these enticing new menu items are available for a limited time only – just long enough to make you want them back ASAP.

And that’s the skinny…

…On what’s making us fat! Tune in again in seven for the coming week’s Fast Food news nuggets!

~ Maggie J.