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Fast Food Week!

It’s just a few days before Christmas and folks everywhere are getting ready for the holiday. That includes KFC, in a big way, globally! There’s also fresh news on the Papa John’s ‘take a knee’ controversy, a teen Pizza Hut worker is fired for a joke, and there’s been a new food poisoning outbreak at Chipotle’s…

KFC Italy Bucket - © 2017 KFCThe KFC Holiday Buckets campaign is especially special in Italy,
where there’s a choice of contents…

Papa John’s CEO Steps down

Papa John’s Pizza founder and CEO John Schnatter will step down as head of the chain following continued flak and push back following his comments that the NFL ‘take a knee’ controversy caused his stadium outlets severe sales losses. Papa John’s stock price has tumbled since then, and the brand has taken a beating in ridicule from competitors. Most serious, though, was a statement by a white supremacist organization declaring Papa John’s the official pizza of the Aryan Nation.

Pizza Hut employee fired for lewd joke

It all started innocently enough. A delivery order placed at a Stafford, VA, Pizza Hut contained the added request that the the order include a joke. So, a teenage Pizza boxer took marker in hand and penned the following inside the lid: “What does a Pizza delivery driver have in common with a gynecologist?” I won’t dignify the joke by repeating the punch line here., Turns out the order was placed by under-age kids using their mother’s credit card and, when the pie arrived, Mom was there. One complaint later and the teen was fired.  But that wasn’t the end of the tale. Now, a Twitter hashtag has arisen: #JusticeForPizzaGirl! The variety of opinons being expressed is truly amazing.

New Food Poisoning outbreak rocks Chipotle’s

What could be worse for Chipotle’s than another food poisoning outbreak? Another outbreak right in the middle of the holiday season. And that’s what they’ve got. The hubbub surrounding a string of outbreaks in the East has barely died down. This time, the food poisoning has cropped up on the other side of the country, in Los Angles. Five people reported being sick within 48 hours, after eating at Chipotle’s. If you think you’ve contracted food poisoning from a restaurant’s food, you can report it at: iwaspoisoned.com . If you’re feeling just fine, have a look at the website anyway. You’ll be surprised at the number and variety of restos being accused of culinary malpractice…

Disney World’s secret Cinnamon Roll Burger

It’s sticky and sweet, and it’s has a glow of mystery about it, just like many other Disney creations. But the Cinnamon Roll Burger is definitely food and it’s definitely a thing. The so-called ‘secret’ burger is available only at the Roxy booth in the World Premiere Food Court in he Disney All-Star Movies Resort. The ‘secret’ menu also includes: poutine and an interesting sounding if messy Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese Dog. The Cinnamon Bun Burger features a large Beef Patty topped with Cheese and Bacon. The bun is real jumbo Cinnamon Bun. One blogger who’s tried it says the thing says it’s a happy marriage of sweet and savoury.

KFC celebrates the Holidays with ten different special buckets…

The world’s favourite Fried Chicken brand – the most conspicuous, at least – has launched a series of special Year-End Holiday buckets in markets around the globe.

…and launches low-odour Chicken in Japan

Meanwhile, in Japan… KFC has immersed itself in the culture and discovered, among other things, that the Japanese don’t really like the aroma of KFC, especially in confined spaces such as commuter train cars. To make the treat more acceptable and convivial to their Japanese fans, the chain’s biggest Asian market has developed a low-odour style of the KFC that is being sold in at least one Tokyo Subway station location. The Chicken is served in a sealed container at room temperature. At least one food blogger I’ve read thinks that simply cooling off the Chicken is what reduces the odour. I’ve had leftover KFC straight out of the fridge and I concur: it’s nearly odourless.

Now you know everything you need to know about Fast Food for the remainder of this year. See you next week, in 2018…

~ Maggie J.