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Sitdown Food is ‘Fat Food’, too!

We’ve said it before, but now a new learned study confirms that restaurant food is a major contributor to the so-called obesity epidemic that’s plaguing the Western World. The University of Toronto study found that even non-fast-food restaurant meals are amazingly high in calories.

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The study looked at more than 3,000 variations of almost 700 different Canadian restaurant meals, including breakfasts lunches and dinners, plus more than 150 desserts, analyzing them for calories, fat and sodium content.

Believe it or not… The survey found that the average restaurant meal topped 1,100 calories – more than half the official recommended daily adult allotment!

On average, the meals contained more than one and a half times the recommended daily allotment of sodium, almost 90 per cent of the daily allotment of fat and some 60 per cent of the daily allotment of dietary cholesterol.

The study goes as far as to say that: “Overall, the results of this study demonstrate that calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium levels are alarmingly high in breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals from multiple chain [sit-down restaurants]. Therefore, addressing the nutritional profile of restaurant meals should be a major public health priority.

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~ Maggie J.