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Fast Food Burger Blind Taste Test

You’ll probably be surprised to learn which Fast Food Burger average eaters agreed was best in a recent blind taste test of half a dozen major brands. Hint: It wasn’t the most expensive, the ‘fanciest’ or the best-selling… In fact, the results of the taste-off reveal that we love the old-school approach!

Burger Taste Testers - © BuzzFeed.comTwo of’s civilian taste testers sample one of six unlabelled burgers
in a recent blind taste test.

I’ll leave this one mostly to the video to elucidate.


I love it that several of the self-professed burger experts on the panel were dead certain about the identity of several of the burgers – but all were wrong!

Spoiler Alert!: Wendy’s was the hands-down fave of the members of the taste testers. Among the contenders, it was among a definite minority that use fresh Beef rather than frozen patties, Several also raved about the Five Guys burger, but didn’t come in first and it’s about twice the price of the Wendy’s offering!

The moral to this story:

Don’t be overly influenced by brand fame, ‘best selling’ claims or what other people say about subjective things like colour, flavour and texture. Only you know what’s ‘best’ for you!

~ Maggie J.