Coca Cola Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know…

I thought I knew everything anyone would ever want to know about Coca Cola. I’ve even spent an afternoon at the World Of Coke museum in Atlanta, touring the historic exhibits and tasting Coke products from around the world. But I was wrong…

Coke Can Sizes - © 2024 - MSN Coke was the first soda brand to implement a range of bottle – and later, can – sizes.

What I found…

… Was a really fascinating ‘slideshow’ on, revealing a number of little-known facts about the world’s first, and still favourite, soda/soft drink.

I think you’ll be just as surprised as I was at some of these info-nuggets!

Original recipe was a hodge-podge

The original recipe for Cocoa Cola contained a lot of ingredients today’s Coke does not. Like Red Wine, Cocaine, cinnamon, neroli oil, coriander and nutmeg.

Some of us may over-indulge

The Average American drinks 700 glasses of Coke each year. Some, of course, drink none. Others, however, may consume two or three times that amount! The average person around the world drinks a Coca-Cola product every four days.

Those trademark curvy bottles…

… Were intended to convey the shape of Kola Nuts.

There’s a ‘correct’ temperature

The company recommends you serve Coke at between 1°C and 3.3°C (34°F–38°F). I.e.- ‘Right off the ice’…

Coca Cola has always been connected with sports

In fact, Coke was the first commercial sponsor of the Olympic Games.

Coke has always had McDonald’s back

… So much so that McD’s is perennially Coke’s largest single customer.

Coke revolutionized soda marketing

… By introducing the first range of different-sized bottles to be manufactured at the same time.

Coke was the first soda to go to space

In 1985, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger drank Coca-Cola from specially engineered ‘space cans’.

It would take years for you to try every coke product

In  fact, it would take you 11 years to try each Coke product, from every corner of the world, just once, at a rate of one per day…

How many of the above facts were new to you?

Okay. I’ll admit it. The facts quoted above are ALL things I didn’t know before. But take it from me – there’s no shame in not knowing. At least until you’ve visited the slideshow…

~ Maggie J.