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America’s Favourite Snack 2024: ‘And The Survey Says…’

America’s Favourite Snack of 2024 is a retro delight! How refreshing to see a classic back in the spotlight. And it’s really interesting to see what’s the favourite where. So… What can we deduce from the results of this year’s survey?


Fave Snacks Map - 2 - © 2024 - Hubscore

And the winner is…

The classic Rice Crispies Treat (RCT)! Yes! One of my all-time faves, and a unique creation that spans multiple categories including candy bars, cake and pastry squares, and bonbons.

My only question is… What took America so long to place this universally beloved, iconic confection on the throne it has always so richly deserved? I think it must have been the decision by Kellogg’s, in 1995, to market them ready-made. But that was only after 6 decades of promoting the original Kellogg’s recipe as a home-baking ‘thing’. And now, it’s almost 30 years later… I say, again: What took you so long, America?

According to Wikipedia: “Rice Krispies Treats were invented in 1939 by Kellogg Company employees Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day ‘in the Kellogg kitchens in Battle Creek, Michigan as a promotional vehicle for the cereal’.”

And the commercially-made treats, themselves, have a slightly convoluted history…

“Kellogg’s began commercially to produce plain and chocolate-based treats under the trademark brand-names of “Rice Krispies Treats” (in the U.S. and Mexico), “Squares” (in Canada, Ireland and the U.K.) and “LCMs” (in Australia and New Zealand) in 1995; however, other manufacturers had offered similar products under variant names (such as “Crisped Rice Treats” or “Marshmallow Treats”) prior to this. Kellogg’s has also offered a breakfast cereal based on the confection since the 1990s.”

Just took it for granted?

One reason even commercially-available RCTs failed to make top spot on the annual Snacks Survey may be that a lot of folks had simply been taking the classic munchie for granted. It hasn’t had the same promotional push that other commercial snacks, such as Doritos, Cheesies, or Lay’s Potato Chips have enjoyed. RCTs never needed a big marketing push. Or a higher product profile. They’re true classics. Everybody knows and loves them. And they’ve literally become a part of the social fabric.

But back to the survey

The Hubscore survey found a mere 7 snack brands  – among the 20 to-trending snacks of the moment – covered the full range of faves across the whole 50 states.

Rice Crispies Treats came first securing 18 states. Doritos – perhaps thanks (at least in part) by their unparalleled saturation marketing activity – came a close second with 16 states. Way back in third place came Doritos’ oft-collabbed-with cousin, Cheetos, capturing 8 states.

Interestingly, in the other members of the top 7 made only token shows. Ancient and venerable Chex Mix (another snack created by the maker as a vehicle for multiple cereal brands) winning 3 states, Fritos Corn Chipos taking 3, Lay’s Potato Chips winning 2, and Cheerios Cereal winning just one.

A tell-tale map

A glance at the map above confirms one thing: Snack preferences around the country are distinctly regionalised.

Rice Crispies Treats claimed a broken band of states across the North. Doritos dominated the Southeast. Cheetos reigned supreme in the Southwest. Fritos were strongest in the Midwest. Chex Mix took the extreme North Central region… and Hawaii. Lay’s were strong only in New York and Connecticut. And Cheerios singled in New Jersey.

The fun part will be to see what, if any significant changes appear on next year’s US National Snack Map…

~ Maggie J.