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Baskin Robbins Tries Home Delivery

Okay… What would you choose as the least likely type of fast food to offer home delivery? It’s got to be Ice Cream, right? So guess who’s become the latest to get on the delivery bandwagon. Baskin Robbins! And it seems they’ve got the kinks worked out well enough to offer it as hundreds of locations…

B&R Delivery Service - © 2017 Baskin RobbinsBaskin Robbins Sundaes and the new super-efficient delivery cooler-carrier bag…

More than 600 Baskin Robbins outlets in the U.S. are now offering home delivery of scoops of ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes and cakes. They say they’ve developed a super-efficient insulated carrier. We’ll see.

The chain first tested he system at about 60 stores in Los Angeles and Chicago. Now, Baskin Robbins outlets in 22 cities, including New York, Dallas, San Francisco and Seattle, are participating.

Baskin Robbins V.P. of Marketing Carol Austin told reporters: “Convenience and immediate gratification – they are huge customer needs. Customers today want what they want, when they want it.”

First of all, convenience and immediate gratification are not NEEDS!

Nevertheless… The delivery service is clearly targeted to the ‘Gimme now!’ generation – the millennials – who have no self control or patience or manners. I could go on. But It’s sad to see a fairly old, established brand catering to the whims of an irresponsible, bunch of children who never grew up.

Rant finished.

The sad truth is that the millennials are the demographic with the most disposable income and the ones most likely to seek out upscale convenience foods. They’re also the ones most likely to use phone app or internet ordering, which is the only way you can get Baskin Robbins home delivery – through DoorDash.com. Company reps say the average delivery fee is around (US)$5.

~ Maggie J.