Order Beer Detail - © thethirstywench.com

A Little Fun For A Fall Tuesday…

It’s time to take a light look at an essential foodie skill which we can all employ, whether in Greece, or just dining in the Greek restaurant around the corner. I refer to the ages old challenge of knowing how to order a Beer / Biru  / Birra / Cerveja / Chela / Pivo / Bjor in 17 languages…

Order a Beer in Greece - © expedia.caHow could anyone make it any easier?

…And you also get the appropriate word for a general purpose toast in each of those languages. I’ll tease you a bit, here… The Russian all-purpose toast is NOT Zdaróvye! (That actually means ‘To your health’.) The entry (pictured above) from the big infographic demonstrates it’s mode of presentation. Note the food pairing suggestion in the lower right corner of the frame!

Bonus Sites!

Here’s an invaluable site that tell you how to say ‘Cheers’ in 50 languages!

And don’t miss the gripping sequel, How to Order One More Beer in 50 Languages!

Yes! Both sites provide handy phonetic pronouncers!

It’s okay. No need to thank me…

~ Maggie J.