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New Tech Reduces Sugar By 40%

An Israeli company says it’s perfected a new technique to reduce the amount of Sugar in food products by 40 percent – while still delivering all the sweet flavour sweet-toothed consumers expect. This discovery promises both consumer health benefits and corporate cost reductions…

Fat Parent Fat kid - © Frank Siteman - Science FactionThe global obesity crisis is costing health care systems billions a year,
and costing ‘big’ folks years off their lives…

The global obesity crisis has been much in the news lately. It’s making people sick in record numbers and costing the health care system billions each year. And one of the factors which has been pegged as central to the issue is the amount of added Sugar in most prepared and processed food products. Many answers have been proposed to this vexing question, most involving non-nutritive sweeteners. But these have turned out to have their own problems, not the least of which have been undesirable aftertastes and high cost.

Who’d have thought that the best answer (yet) would be found in Sugar, itself?

They’re adding something to Sugar to make it taste sweeter…

The company behind the discovery, DouxMatok, has patented a process to add a delivery molecule to plain Sugar to target the sweetener directly to taste buds, like some recently-developed Cancer drugs which are targeted directly to the tumour they’re intended to treat.

DouxMatok says working closely with leading Food & Beverage multinationals to integrate its solution in their key products. Commercialization is expected by 2020. And the company says it’s working on a similar technique to allow the reduction of the amount of Salt in prepared and processed foods. DouxMatok has not said when that product may hit the market.

Poised to make a huge impact…

  • 39% of all adults worldwide were overweight
  • 600 million adults were obese
  • More than 40 million preschool children were overweight or obese

And the situation has only become worse since.

At the same time, consumers are clamoring for reductions in the amount of Sugar and Salt in prepared and processed foods and governments are introducing regulations calling on the Food Processing industry to reduce Salt and Sugar by an average of 20 percent. Some jurisdictions have already placed punitive taxes on high-sugar beverages and snacks.

And DouxMatok’s Flavors Delivery Platform can deliver a 40 percent reduction with no aftertastes, providing what they call ‘the full Sugar experience’; product mouthfeel, texture and ‘the flavour you know and love’.

My take…

These guys are going to make a fortune. At least until somebody discovers something bad about their miracle product. I’m not saying that will happen, but it might. In the past, ‘miracle’ products and drugs have been rushed to market only to be tagged as a cause of cancer or birth defects. Remember Thalidomide? DES? And what about the scientifically unsupported claims that artificial sweeteners cause all kinds of health problems, which have been circulating for the past couple of decades and are still circulating.

So… What will the food alarmists say about Sugar augmented with delivery-targeting chemistry? I guess we’ll find out by the end of next year, when the first commercial products using DouxMatok technology are released to the market and their manufacturers start giving major promotion to their low-sugar advantage.

~ Maggie J.