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Celebrate Pi(e) Day!

Yes… It’s both a mathematical and culinary day of celebration. March 14 (3/14) is the annual celebration of the infinite number, Pi (3.1415…) and the infinite possibilities of the Pie universe. All the major Pizza chains seem to be getting into the act. And bakeries are joining the party…

Pie Day Treats - © 2018 DC Public LibrariesA selection of Pi(e) Day treats celebrating both senses of the day…

In fact it’s the 30th anniversary of the Pi(e) Day celebration!

It all started back in 1988 when physicist Larry Shaw organized the first Pi Day at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Staff and members of the public marched around one of its circular spaces, then consumed Fruit Pies. The Exploratorium continues to hold annual Pi Day celebrations.

But the Exploratorium is just one of many institutions that celebrate Pi(e) Day. Most of the big Pizza chains are on board, marking the day with $3.14 specials and discounts, as are uncounted bakeries, which are offering specialty Pies. Unknown millions of home bakers are probably cooking up personal tributes as we write.

Make your favourite Pie today and join the fun. I’ll be making my Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Some history…

Though it started in 1988, it was not until 2009 that the U.C. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution officially declaring March 14 National Pi Day.

The date is also Einstein’s Birthday

Google is celebrating today with a special ‘Apple Pi(e) recipe’ equation doodle, something they’ve been doing since 2010…

Google Doodle Pi Day 2018 - © 2018 Google

NASA even has an event for the academically oriented: their fourth annual Pie In The Sky Math Challenge. It’s subtitled ‘Rocket Science you can do with Pi’.

And on a sad note…

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier today at the age of 76. As most folks know, he specialized in speculation about the infinite: the nature of the universe and Black Holes in particular.

Hawking’s life is marked by auspicious coincidences… He was born on Galileo’s birthday, and his date of death, March 14, is also Einstein’s Birthday. And that’s another plus for Pi Day!

~ Maggie J.

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