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The Real Future Of The Supermarket?

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about The Store Of The Future – whether it be Amazon’s GO concept or the online/delivery model. But a third option has emerged which just might ‘outrun’ both of those concepts. And it leverages one of the other big tech developments of the current century…

Robomart Front - © 2018 RobomartRobomart is a driverless electric vehicle with racks that could bring any supermarket product
directly to your door. It beats the problematic Amazon Drone system all hollow…

What’s better than online ordering and delivery to your door, or a ‘just walk out’ grocery store? It might just be the Robomart – a rolling produce department that comes right to your door. It brings a selection of goods right to your door in a driverless vehicle. Purchases you remove from the racks are automatically charged to your account with the retailer. There are several reasons I prefer the Robomart idea over the other contenders for Store Of The Future…

Robomart is a gentle nudge into the future, not a tech shock

It’s an inclusive concept that simply takes the existing order-online-and-pick-up-at-the-supermarket (or have a human deliver your order) model a step further, rather than risking a major jump into the future that could leave some folks confused and upset. Especially older folks who are already thronging to cell phone providers who offer basic services and simple-to-use handsets for the technically disinclined.

What you see is what you get

I really don’t like the idea that somebody at a warehouse would be picking my produce, meat and other stuff if I ordered online for delivery. Likewise, how caring and careful can a Just Walk Out store be, with minimal staff to ensure the perishables are kept fresh and in order?

I really do like the idea that I could just tap an app to summon the Robomart to my door, when I want it, and then get to pick my own produce from the selection in its racks.

Robomarts could transport any kind of food or household goods

Robomart vehicles could be configured as refrigerated environments for most perishables, even freezer cars, depending on what you wanted to buy. No special equipment would be needed to transport most supermarket products.

Robomart is environment- and community-friendly

The driverless vehicles are electrically powered and, so, exhaust-free and nearly noiseless.

Supermarket operators will love Robomarts

The driverless vehicles will be leased to retailers and serviced by Robomart technicians as needed. Couldn’t be easier for the users.

There’s nothing to stop even Amazon from using Robomarts…

…Except, maybe, that they didn’t think of it and patent it first. We all know how much they love to own their technology and crow about how they invented it. But that might just mean that Robomart is in line to be bought out by Amazon. Amazon has also demonstrated, over and over again, how it hates competition.

And I want to take this opportunity to say that I am not comfortable with skies full of Amazon delivery drones, especially among the tall buildings and near airports. Not to mention getting mixed up with all those flying cars they keep telling us are on the way…

~ Maggie J.