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The Fast Food sector weighed in with a vengeance re.- Valentine’s Day, with just about everybody offering specials and novelty gifts. But, in the interest of variety, we thought we’d cherry-pick the best of them. And – believe it or not – a chemical found in McDonald’s Fries may be the key to curing baldness…

KFC Valentines - © 2018 KFCThe Colinel’s scratch-n-sniff, finger-lickin’ good Valentines – free now ’til Tuesday
with the purchase of a (US)$10 Chicken Share…

KFC ‘smell-ibrates’ Valentine’s Day

I remember when KFC was a conservative, family-oriented company whose grandfatherly figurehead, the white-haired Colonel, extolled the wholesomeness and traditional joy associated with his product. I’ve also been amazed to witness, in recent years, KFC’s transformation into one of the nuttiest gonzo-merchandising organizations on the plant. It’s latest attempt to court the custom of the youth crowd while offering something retro and comforting to to customers of my vintage is a Valentine’s themed giveaway… Valentine’s cards featuring The Colonel and corny sayings, with a fried chicken scratch-and-sniff patch on the back. The cards are, literally, finger-lickin’ good! Get them free when you order a (US)$10.00 Chicken Share February 12 through 14.

Propose at Panera on Valentine’s Day and win!

If you propose to your honey on Valentine’s Day, at a Panera Bread outlet, the resto may cater your wedding! Really. Just propose at Panera on the 14th and post a photo of the event on Twitter with the hashtag #PaneraProposalSweeps, between 9 a.m., and 11:59 p.m. ET on the big day. You could be one of five couples chosen at random to have their wedding catered by Panera. Okay, Pabnera. But you still have a ways to go to match Taco Bell, with its full service Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and banquet hall…

‘Tacros’ briefly flame up across the Internet

Yes, Tacros. Lemme see… We’ve seen the Cronut, a cross between a Doughnut and a Croissant. We’ve also seen Burgers and other more or less familiar treats incorporating Croissants. But, now, something new… The Tacro is across between a Croissant and a Taco. Just deep-fry a round piece of Puff Pastry in the shape of a hard Taco shell and fill as you normally would a Taco. But when it surfaced on the Internet earlier this month, it drew at last as many critics as fans. One non-lover said: “Don’t mess with the taco. Leave it be the sacred food that it is.” Another declared: “The Mexican delegation would like to officially denounce this ‘taco’.” Yet another another condemned it with a single word: “Gentrification.” I say, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I eat all sorts of things off of artfully formed Puff Pastry. Try a Hot Dog, all dressed, on a Hot Dog ‘Crun’…

Wendy’s went all-out on Super Bowl Ads

Wendy’s spent an estimated (US)$25 million to air five separate Super Bowl Ads dining the big game this year. Crazy? Not when you consider the billions of bucks at stake in the Fast Food Burger market. Wendy’s message? They use only fresh beef and always have. Not frozen, like McDonald’s and most of the other Burger Niche players. The Super Bowl pasting Wendy’s served up to McD’s was just the latest slap in a merciless war that most recently was waged online. See the Wendy’s Super Bowl commercials at YouTube.

McDonald’s Fries ingredient cures Baldness??

No kidding. It works in mice, apparently, and human trials are coming soon. The ‘magic’ ingredient is dimethylpolysiloxane, which is used in the McDonald’s Frying process to keep the fry oil from foaming. In the hair growing universe, it’s used to promote the mass production of ‘hair follicle germs’ (HFGs) which promote hair development. Around half of all men suffer male-pattern baldness by the age of fifty. The new discovery – if it works in humans – could throw the (US)$4.5 billion per year hair loss treatment industry into chaos.

And there you have it…

The week’s most vivid and compelling Fast Food stories in a nutshell! We’ll be back with another week of news and nuttiness in seven short days…

~ Maggie J.

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