Arbys Curly Fries Poutine - Detail - © 2018 Arbys

Fast Food Week!

The Fast Food News scene remains pretty quiet… I think the big players sort of blew their budgets over the Holidays just past and are regrouping, now, for their next assault on our wallets… But there are some stories of note this week, including the emergence of what may be the best Poutine ever!

Arbys CurlFries Poutine - © 2018 ArbysMaybe the best idea Arby’s has had in a long time… Simple, savoury and elegant:
Poutine with Arby’s Gravy and Seasoned Curly Fries!

Arby’s does Curly Fries Poutine in Canada

What a concept! Arby’s Seasoned Curly Cries and Arby’s Gravy as the base for a dynamite Poutine! Haven’t tried it yet, but it appears that the dish uses real Cheese Curds, not some kind of cubed Cheese or Cheese product, much less adulterates the Fries with some kind of Cheese-like sauce. I’d like to have seen it come in a couple of sizes, rather than just ‘side-dish small’, but you can’t have everything…

McDonald’s brings back ‘Big Mac Family’

McD’s is bringing back its controversial Big Mac ‘family’ for a limited time at all outlets. The regular Big Mac is joined by a Mac Jr. and a Grand Mac. Mac Jr. is sort of like a regular mac, but smaller, with smaller patties and bun and no middle bun layer. It does have all the Big Mac toppings, though. The Grand Mac has two 1/3 pound patties, all the toppings and all three bun layers – on a bigger bun. McDonald’s says it’s offering the Big Mac Family to meet the needs of all sizes of appetites. I was fine with the original menu, for that.

McHack to ensure you get the best possible meal

McDonald’s workers confirm that there’s a sure way to get the best, freshest food and the quickest service at the chain’s outlets. Simply go in between noon and 2 pm, or 5 – 7 pm. And, regardless of when you dine, always ask for a receipt. Store managers may just clock you as a head-office mystery shopper and give you the royal treatment!


First Dunkin’s ‘Store of the Future’ opens

Dunkin’ Donuts has opened the prototype of its ‘Store of the future’ in Quincy MA, and the innovations com at you even before you get parked – if you get parked at all. In fact, there’s a separate drive-through lane exclusively for orders placed via the store’s new mobile app. Other innovations include a separate inside counter for mobile order pick-ups, a beverage bar with employee-operated beer-style ‘taps’ for Coffee, Tea and Cold Brew, and updated decor. Dunkin’s says as many as 30 ‘store of the future’ variants, testing different versions of the look and feel will be opened across the U.S. this year.

Krispy Kreme: ‘You Voted: Lemon Wins!’

Remember when we told you about Krispy Kreme’s online contest to determine what it’s next Glazed Donut flavour should be be? There was a choice between Blueberry, Caramel, Lemon, and Maple. Lemon apparently won by a landslide. I voted for Maple, but then I’m a Canuck and I’m unalterably biased.

KFC brings back Smoky Mountain BBQ flavour…

Smoky Mountain BBQ completes KFC’s returning array of ‘Taste of the South’ flavours, joining their Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold mouthfuls. You can get Smoky Mountain or either of the other two BBQ flavours with pretty much any format of Chicken you want, as long as you want Extra-Crispy: Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles, and Extra Crispy bone-in Fried Chicken.

…and Gender Bends the Colonel big time

Reba McIntyre will be the next (coming soon) ‘Celebrity Colonel’ in KFC’s growing pantheon of famous ‘imposters’. That;s right. Reba; she of concert stage, and small screen. There’s a connection, though: Reba says KFC has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. What good old, honest-to-goodness southern gal could say otherwise?

And that’s Fast Food the news for this week…

Not a lot of variety, but what there is comes across with lots of big, bold flavour!

~ Maggie J.