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The Loblaw’s File: Price Of Cold Cut NOT ‘Pure Baloney’

The anti-Loblaw’s crusade is getting out of control. Perhaps even more than some of Loblaw’s food prices. The latest online rant against Canada’s largest supermarket conglomerate focuses on a traditionally inexpensive luncheon meat…

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What happened

A member of the ‘Loblaw’s Is Out Of Control’ Reddit thread posted a flaming rant to the group on Valentine’s Day. The subject was a clearance-priced package of plain old Bologna, with a ‘50% Off’ sticker. The price was $16.78 for just over 500 g. That translates to a label price of $32.90 kg. / $14.95 lb. Poster n8brav0 commented, “There wasn’t even enough in there to make a regular package of bologna.”

A couple of things…

First… What constitutes a ‘regular package’ of Bologna? Loblaw’s website says 500 g is, in fact, a standard size for a package of Bologna. The No Name stuff was selling at the online store for a discounted $5.00 per pack when this post was written.

And the Deli-sliced product was 50% off. Which means 50% off the sticker price. So the effective price at the register was $8.39.

But let’s look at the product itself. The stuff the Redditor was complaining about was Deli-sliced, premium Maple Leaf brand Bologna. The premium product contains beef, along with the traditional chicken and pork.

And remember, the Deli-sliced product was 50% off. Which means 50% off the sticker price. So the effective price at the register was $8.39 for 510 g. That’s on a par with the differential between No Name and premium grade versions of other processed meats.

Finally, let’s all remember, when any product is sliced or trimmed lout of a larger cut at the supermarket, by the resident meat cutters, that increases the price. Same as pre-chopped salad mix is that much pricier than the whole head by weight. That’s been a food industry standard practice for decades.

What commenters said…

actualdepartment1212 said: “The price is pure Bologna.”

MapleTheUnicorn just didn’t get it at all: “So, bologna, which is like the cheapest of the cheap lunch meats is almost 17 bucks for what looks to be 5 slices? Wow” The weight and price are clearly readable on the label, in the photo.

BrknTrnsmsn said: “This is the most insane post I’ve seen on [this] sub[Reddit].”

Chemical_Afternoon25 said: “Are we in another planet. How has BOLOGNA gotten so fucking expensive. Well I know how but seriously this is insane. Can we bring back the guillotine or what[?]”

scasredofthewild simply said: “Boycott Loblaw’s and Shopper’s Drug Mart.”

My take

Most of the folks participating in the ‘Loblaw’s Is Out Of Control’ Reddit thread seem to be reacting in a classic ‘knee-jerk’ manner. They’re not familiar with the current p[rices for various products. And they are definitely not doing the math to find out.

It’s clear they don’t know how the meat industry works.

I’m compelled to quote my dear departed stepdad, a school teacher for more than 30 years, who often cautioned: ‘Brain in gear before mouth in motion!” Or, in this case, keyboard…

~ Maggie J.