Retro Woman with Turkey - © unknown via Pintrest

Sunday Musings: Would You Buy-In Christmas Dinner?

Here’s a question that would never have arisen at any time prior to the millennium… Would you offer to host a family and friends Festive Feast – and buy-in the meal? I literally get a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it…

Classic Turkey Feast - © unknown (Vintage)

Setting the scene

I just read a blurb promoting a Target (yes, the department store) ‘special offer’. They’ll make your entire Holiday Ham Feast dinner for you. Including the trimmings. You get: a six-pound ham, roast potatoes, corn, French bread, cream of mushroom soup, green beans, and peppermint cream sandwich cookies. All for $25. And it’s advertised as serving 4 hungry diners. That’s a mere $6.25 per person. Almost unbelievable. But true.

Attitudes toward Feasts shifting

A post we featured for US Thanksgiving revealed the results of a detailed survey about attitudes toward Family Feast dinners of American (and we presume Canadian, by association) diners.

At the core of the issue, overall feelings – based on expectations and experiences:

  • 80 percent of adults in the U.S. have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, and among those who have,
  • 21 percent admit that they have pretended to enjoy it.
  • 17 percent of those who have hosted say they have regretted offering to host.
  • 59 percent of Americans say they would prefer to host Thanksgiving dinner so they can make the dishes they like.

I’m definitely with the 59 percent

No question where I stand on making my own Festive Family Feast.

But the question remains… Would you offer to host the Feast – as long as you didn’t have to cook it?

Would you try to fake it, and not tell your guests?

Those are just two of a whole slew of questions that come to mind when I consider this issue. You too, probably. If you don’t have questions, you should.

Muse on that!

~ Maggie J.