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Smell-O-Vision one step nearer

What’s round and flat and decorated all over the top with cheese, pepperoni, bacon and olives? Till now, it could only be your favourite pizza, fresh from the oven (or pizzeria delivery bag)… But, now, it could also be a the latest hot movie release on DVD!

Dominos Pizza DVD - © businessinsider.comA Dominos Pizza DVD after ‘cooking’ for a couple of hours in
a disc player.
Hope you like your pie extra crispy, thin crust.

No kidding. A Brazilian entrepreneur has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza in that country to retro-fit hit movie DVD discs with a coat of special thermally-sensitive ink that delivers not a real pizza but a photo of one – along with a whiff of peperoni.

The disk looks normal when you first put it in the DVD player, but the heat from the machine makes the image of a deluxe pizza appear and the specially treated varnish top coat gives off a corresponding aroma that some witness describe as mouth-watering.

And just for good measure, a message appears that (translated to English) reads: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.” If you hadn’t already succumbed to temptation and ordered one.

You thought DVDs were dead? Crushed by competition from the likes of Netflix and other on-demand TV services? Not in most of the world, where Satellite service is prohibitively expensive and Cable is just not available. Like in Brazil, for instance.

Domino’s is considering expanding the Smell-O-Vision program from its initial ten-market pilot project to other mass markets. But I have to agree with other bloggers who wonder how long the artificial pizza odour will stick around my house after playing one of Dominos special DVDs? And what if I opt for popcorn, or wings or some other movie-time treat that`s not supposed to smell like pepperoni?

~ Maggie J.