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Pizza Hut Has A Christmas Gift For ALL Delivery People

Who’s going to be busier than ever over the next three weeks or so, and doing their outdoor job in some of the year’s worst weather? If you said food delivery drivers, you’d be spot-on. And Pizza Hut is offering ALL delivery agents a holiday gift…

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The Hut’s chief competitor, Domono’s, is donating $500,000 toward food delivery route snow removal. It’s a first-of-the-kind gesture by one resto chain that can benefit delivery types for all chains and delivery services.

Not to be outdone… The Hut is offering delivery drivers from every resto and service a free pizza via its new ‘Leave A Box, Get A Box’ promotion.

What it is

The promo lets grateful customers scoop up a ‘Reverse Delivery’ front door mat which includes a special QR code. Delivery people – even those who aren’t lugging food – can scan the code to get a coupon for a free pizza.

Some caveats…

Sounds simple enough. But Pizza Hut is limiting its liability on the deal. First of all, they’re releasing only 50 door mats a day – first come, first served. The deal just came to our attention, but it’s been on since December 6. You’ve got today and tomorrow to try for yours.

Second, delivery drivers/riders have only until December 27 to redeem their coupons.

The marketing bumpf

“Many of us look to delivery drivers to deliver joy during the holiday season,” said Lindsay Morgan, CMO at Pizza Hut. “This was our chance to give some cheer back in the form of a delicious meal for delivery drivers to enjoy during their busiest time of the year.” Yes, ‘CMO’ means ‘Chief Marketing Officer’.

My take

It was inevitable that the Hut would counter the Domino’s move with something equally significant to the same beneficiary group, and equal or greater in benefit. It’s hard to beat a free pizza, right to the lucky delivery agent who lands at a door with a magic mat.

So… I give this round to Pizza Hut.

But let’s not underestimate the free publicity the rivalry has generated. Both pizza giants will harvest bumper crops of good consumer vibes and awareness from their parallel stunts.

And I can’t resist observing that the two promo programs launched within days of each other. As if… They planned it that way? That might also explain the similarity in their themes, and the benefit audiences they target.


I’ve given both Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s seasonal promos equal coverage. In the journalism biz, that’s called ‘balance’. My professional conscience is clear. Even if I did get sucked in to contribute to that windfall of free publicity!

~ Maggie J.