Swedish Meatballs - © her.ie

Novelty Alert! IKEA Unveils Giant Christmas Meatball!

Who would have predicted this? With a number of resto chains flogging their ready-roasted Christmas Turkeys, and some even offering all-inclusive Festive Feasts, IKEA has stolen the seasonal publicity thunder. Behold the Turkey-Sized Meatball!

IKEA BIG Meatball - © 2023- IKEA UK

Truly IKEA to come up with something completely different for a seasonal feature item. The Turkey-Sized Swedish Meatball is huge. No other word does it justice. And IKEA also has a special Vegan Veggieball Christmas Tree for those who don’t eat meat.

The catch(es)…

First, you can only get it in the UK.

Second, you have to win a contest, as described in the screen shot above, to qualify.

Third, you have to be a UK resident to play.

Fourth, there are only 30 giant meatballs to give away. And 30 of the veggieball trees.

My take

Why do all these truly great specials keep coming out in other countries, but not here, in North America? Maybe next year?


~ Maggie J.