Skipping Rocks Lab Water Bubble - Detail - © 2017 Skipping Rocks Lab

News Flash: ‘Bubbles’ May Kill Plastic Bottles!

Here’s something you wish you’d caught on the Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank. It may still show up there. But the new edible Water Bubble is self-packaged and leave behind ‘zero’ waste. It’s just the thing the world has been looking for, to finally curb the scourge of plastic water bottle pollution…

Skipping Rocks Lab Water Bubble - © 2017 Skipping Rocks LabThe answer to the plastic water bottle problem?

Imagine… No more plastic water bottles! Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our seas and oceans today. Cleanup ‘solutions’ range from giant skimmers to microbiotic agents that could dissolve plastics. But nothing has yet proved feasible. The next best thing could be to stop putting plastic bottles into the environment, and that’s something Skipping Rocks Lab in the UK says it can help with now.

Skipping Rocks has developed an edible Water Bubble that it says is perfect for events such as concerts, where large crowds need to stay hydrated, and, obviously, sporting events where participants and spectators alike need to replenish regularly. It will cost about $0.02 per unit to produce, compared to $0.16 each for plastic bottles. As a bonus, the Bubbles are made of a seaweed extract and, so, are entirely biodegradable.

Initially meant for Water, the inventors say they could eventually develop a version for carbonated beverages.

The Water Bubble is currently in crowdfunding but will likely be looking for major cash inputs as demand for the product soars.

We’ll keep an eye out for developments on this exciting front!

~ Maggie J’s