Many Fave Foods will Cost More this Year

Can you guess which popular, common foods will cost a lot more by the end of 2014? Some are foods that already increased sharply in price last year. And some are newcomers to the rapidly growing list of foods that are quickly evolving from staples to luxuries…

A year ago, we were all bracing for a big hike in Beef and Pork prices. Beef went up a lot and Pork increased a little. Chicken became a dietary refuge for many who wanted high-quality protein in their diets but couldn’t afford in the form of Steak or Bacon.

Chocolate and Coffee both soared in price last year as a result of various weather and disease issues which resulted in shortages. No surprise that both were affected; coffee and cocoa both like in the same soils and climate.

So… What’s going up this year?

Alas… Pork is finally going up a lot, due to a nasty swine virus that got into the U.S. herd last year. herds were culled and that led to a shortage which will continue on into 2014 while herds are built back up again. A recent blog post by a noted food analyst predicts that last year’s 22 per cent increase in retail Bacon prices will be equaled or exceeded this year.

Beef is not mentioned in the aforementioned blog post, but its price has been rising at a rate that’s resulted in every-day average prices reaching $7. to $8. per pound, on average, by the end of 2013. No reason to think the rate of increase will abate at all this year. That big, juicy Ribeye Steak can cost you as much as 25. already.

Chicken – traditional dietary refuge of the masses – is also on the rise, experts say. Increasing feed costs are the prime culprit. Nevertheless, you can still save on chicken prices by purchasing whole birds (rather than dressed-out, skinned and boned cuts) and breaking them down yourself.

Turkey has been increasing in price steadily over the past few years. They were asking $50. or more this past festive season for 20- to 25-pound fresh birds. The secret here is to get frozen ones when they’re on special as loss-leader deals at $2. or $3. a pound. Just be sure you get a No. 1 turkey, not ‘Utility Grade’, which is apt to have not only torn skin but to be missing a leg or a wing. Not the prettiest thing to bring to the holiday feast table!

Chocolate prices in particular are expected to rise sharply again this year, thanks to good old supply and demand. Demand has increased over the past year while the supply has dwindled, due to crop failures last year. The blogger says wholesale cocoa prices have risen 45 per cent since 2007 and are still soaring.

Coffee is lower on the radar this year, at least to start. But count on last year’s price increases continuing, albeit quietly and in the background. Until you go into the store one day to buy beans and find your fave bag suddenly costs a couple of bucks more than it used to.

Wild-caught Fish will still be available, but they’ll cost from three- to four-times what farmed fish go for. Again, if you really like fish and eat it a lot, you can save a fair buck by getting whole fish and filleting them out yourself. That way, you also get the heads, tails and bones for fish stock, which is a great treat! (It’s great for Bouillabaisse, Chowders or as poaching/steaming liquid for any fish or seafood…)

…And that’s just the start of the list of foods that will be going up and up through 2014.


~ Maggie J.