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Fresh Fruit Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk

Researchers in England have discovered a link between Fresh Fruit consumption and the risk of developing Diabetes. Yes, Fresh Fruit may be goods for Diabetics, in spite of the relatively high sugar content of some fruits and traditional place Fruit has occupied in the Diets of Diabetics…

Fresh Fruit and Diabetes - © eblogline.comFresh Fruit may help reduce the risk of diabetes as well as
reducing some vascular side effects of the disease.

Researchers at the University of Oxford, in the UK, report that greater consumption of fresh fruit was associated with a lower incidence of diabetes, as well as reduced occurrence of complications in people with diabetes, in a Chinese population.

People with Diabetes are usually told to restrict consumption of Fresh Fruit. Some even take a glass of Fruit Juice as an emergency infusion of sugar if their blood sugar gets low. But The Oxford team found that regular consumption of higher amounts of Fresh Fruit led to a small but significant reduction in  the risk of developing Diabetes. The team analysed the results of nearly 500,000 people participating in the China Kadoorie Biobank over about 7 years of follow-up, documenting new cases of diabetes and recording the occurrence of vascular disease and death in people with pre-existing diabetes.

This may seem like a small thing…

But the next step is to try and discover just what the ingredients in Fresh Fruit are that produce the beneficial effects against diabetes. Once known, These compounds might lead to a much easier,x  less intrusive treatment for Diabetes; perhaps even a cure, long term.

In the meantime… Do what your doctor says!

~ Maggie J.