Triple Bacon Buttery Jack Burger - 2017 Jack in the Box

Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

We have a mixed bag this week… One that offers some different takes on Fast Food issues. By that, I mean that menu modifications take a back seat to issues of politics, law and philosophy. As you might expect, McDonald’s has a couple of mentions but it doesn’t get the big headline this time!

LA Street Vendor - © 2017 KCET TVAn LA street vendor, now out from under the threat of the former street vending ban!

LA ‘decriminalizes’ street vending

There are many towns and cities in North America that have bylaws or regulations banning street vending. But, until recently, Los Angeles, CA, was the only major centre known to enforce such a ban. This past week, however, City Council there voted to ‘decriminalize’ street vending. That was doubtless great news for the estimated 10,000 food vendors and 40,000 sellers of other goods who have been operating in defiance of the former ban. Now, though, they’ll have to meet standards and observe regulations and pay for permits. Still, that’s better than being shut down just for being there…

Jack In The Box gets hacked…

Jack in the Box burgers launched a new marketing campaign this past week, with a Super Bowl commercial taking a ‘lighter side’ look at the global threat of hacking. The official Jack mascot, in suit and tie, calls a confab of his closest tech advisors revealing that hackers got his prom photos, a romance novel he’s been working on, and the blueprints to his new Triple Bacon Buttery Jack burger. To see everything the ‘hackers’ stole, visit Jackileaks website… I’m just waiting to see what Jack does next… Which is exactly what they want!

Hooters opens fast-service, full-clothing resto

All Hooters had to do to get big time attention was to open a new restaurant with a theme and service regime totally opposite to their usual approach. So… They’ve announced a new Fast-Food Hooters which will feature -wait for it – fully-clothed servers! What a concept!

McDonald’s rushes St. Paddy’s Day with Shamrock Shakes

McDonald’s is celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in high style this year. Not only is the ‘traditional’ Shamrock Shake back; there are also two more Shakes and two new hot drinks all on the same theme. One of the new Shakes is a half-Shamrock/half Chocolate layered affair, dubbed (fittingly) the Chocolate Shamrock Shake. The other is all-Chocolate Soft Serve blended with Shamrock Syrup – the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé. The hot drinks are a Hot Chocolate and a Shamrock Mocha. Indulge yourself from how until March 17…

‘Golden Arches’ subliminally sexy…

If you have a chance, take a look into Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. It’s a 2001 release that rings especially true these days as the Fast Food sector’s biggest players race, lemming-like, to the brink of doom. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but there’s a big shake-out and reinvention coming by the 2020s. Anyway, Schlosser claims in his book that the iconic ‘Golden Arches’ McDonald’s logo was intentionally designed to deliver a subliminal message. Yes, folks, the creator, design consultant Louis Cheskin, of the logo told Schlosser that the image is supposed to remind you of Mom’s… You know… Beverage dispensers. C’mon, guys! It has crossed your mind before, hasn’t it?

Vegas vending machines dispense Champers

Las Vegas has been known, loosely, as ‘Sin City’ for many years. One more ‘sin’ to add to the list? A vending machine at the 23rd-floor Sky Lobby at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Strip. dispenses piccolos (airline-sized bottles) of Moet and Chandon Champagne. But only high rollers need apply. The machine accepts only special gold-coloured tokens which one must purchase from the Hotel’s front desk for (US)$20 apiece. But that’s still cheap fun compared to mow much you can ‘spend’ in the casino…

And that’s it for this week… Never any lack of grist for this mill!

~ Maggie J.