Flamin' Hot Mac 'n Cheetos - © 2017 Burger King

Fast Food Week!

Lots of Fast Food sector news this week: Menu items, mergers and management shifts. Hold on tight as we take a sleigh ride through the latest tests and offerings from the major chains. And, enjoy the sequel to the iconic M&Ms Christmas commercial we all wait for every Holiday season…

Finally… A sequel to the iconic M&Ms Christmas commercial…

M&Ms gives us ‘The Rest Of The Story’ on Xmas Spot

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the iconic commercial where the Red M&M and Santa both faint when each realizes the other is real. Now, 21 years after the original spot aired, M&Ms has made a sequel telling us what happened next…

Buffalo Wild Wings acquired by Arby’s

If you hadn’t heard, yet, struggling Buffalo Wild Wings has been bought by Arby’s, the guys who bill themselves as the Meat pros. Sounds like a good fit for Arby’s, provided they can market the heck out of their take on wings and offer something that stands out from all the other Wings out there.

A new beginning for Chipoltle?

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, who founded the company back in 1993, is becoming Executive Chairman and stepping don from his top management role. The company has seen a cavalcade of food poisoning incidents over the past couple of years and stock prices, not to mention patronage, have plunged. Stock prices rebounded moire than 5 percent oin news that Ells was moving on as CEO.

Taco Bell embraces Starch-on-Starch…

The Bell is test-marketing a new burrito – one that’s mainly fries garnished with token amounts of regular toppings such as Peppers, Ground Beef and Cheese Sauce. It’s not only gooey and yummy, but not so good for you, if you make it a habit. Fast Food operators love Starch-on-Starch; it ups their profit margins big-time.

Flamin’ Hot Mac ‘n Cheetos from BK

Curl up by the fire and warm yourself over Burger King’s new Flamin’ Hot Mac ‘n Cheetos ‘sticks’ – in selected test markets. It’s here for a limited time only, of course. The sticks come in a fry-like sleeve and consist of Mac ‘n Cheese moulded into a fat ‘thumb’ and coated with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos crubbs. (Those who like spice but not too much may find this one a bit too much.)

Pizza Hut adds Vegan Pies in UK

The Hut has officially added Vegan Pizzas to its menu in the UK. That’s a whole line of them, not just a single token Pie. The Pizzas use a Vegan ‘Cheese’ product made by Violife,a Greece-based Vegan Foods manufacturer. In the UK, at least, there seems to be a viable mass market for Vegan foods in the Fast Food sector.

Popeye’s elbowing into KFC, BK Wendy’s and McD’s territory

Popeye’s is test marketing Hot and Mild Chicken Breast Sandwiches in just one market: Phoenix, AZ. The sandwiches feature a marinated, breaded and fried Chicken Breast Fillet, Tomato, Lettuce, and Spicy or Regular Mayo on a brioche-style bun. The Phoenix market is also tasting ‘hand-spun’ Milkshakes from Popeye’s for the first time. Both of the new treats are available for a limited time only…

And that’s the Fast Food ‘menu’ for this week…

… And remember, the holidays have officially begun. So get out there and explore the wealth of seasonal goodies that are blossoming everywhere these days – too numerous to mention here!

~ Maggie J.