Tim's vs Dunkins - © grubstreet.com

Fast Food Showdown:Tim’s vs. Dunkin’s

It was bound to happen, especially after Tim’s was bought by an international conglomerate that also owns Burger King, Heinz and a number of other famous ‘household name’ brands. it’s a showdown (albeit in miniature) pitting Tim Horton’s Coffee and Donuts against Dunkin’ Donuts Joe and Doh…

Tim's vs Dunkin's Slap-Down - © sleepingwiththeelephant.comIt’s a classic Canada vs. the U.S. head-to-head…

Whose Donuts are better? Whose Coffee? BuzzFeed recently attempted to settle the question once and for all by staging a blind taste-off between the two North American leaders in their particular quirky niche. They chose an equal number of Canadians and Americans and an equal number of men and woman for their tasting panel. The results may surprise you…

Guess what?

Tim’s and Dunkin’s came out tied at two apiece after taste tests of three kinds of Pastries they both have in common and, of course, their respective trademark Coffees.

Visit the page linked above to view the video and see who liked what the best… and the least.

I’ll give you one spoiler: Tim’s coffee, which so often gets dissed at home here in Canada, came out resoundingly on top in the taste-off!

~ Maggie J.