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Dr. Obvious: He’s Back, And Raring For A… Discussion

Faithful readers may nave noticed that our old pal, Dr. Obvious has been silent over the past few months. Well, he’s back, and he’s ready to rake some recent health science stories over the editorial coals…

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“They won’t get away with this!” was the first thing I heard when I picked up the call from Dr. Obvious last weekend.

“Happy New Year’s to you, too,” I answered cautiously.

“Don’t ask how the rest home thing went. I’d just as soon forget all about it,” The good doctor volunteered. “They wouldn’t even let me have a phone!”

“That might have been the point,” I said. But quickly changed the subject, hoping to get the conversation back onto some sort of track. “Who won’t get away with what?”

Algae touted as new protein source

Scientists at the University of Exeter, UK, say two specific species of algae could provide, “an interesting and sustainable alternative to animal-derived protein.”

“And they call this a major breakthrough?” Doc O. asks.

It’s true that there are already a number of algae-based dietary supplements on the over-the-counter market. In fact, back in 2020 we posted a story on Spirulina, then trumpeted as a wonder-food. Boosters said the algae would be ‘the food of the future’.

“It’s got tons of Iron and lots of other vitamins and minerals, and bags of protein.” So why are we not all scarfing it down by the bucketful? Visit that archived post to find out…

Physical activity to reduce cardio disease risk?

Doctors routinely ‘prescribe’ increased exercise as a protocol to help reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

“But that hasn’t stopped those go-getters at Exeter from taking another whack at the issue!” Doc O. laments.

Sure enough, a team from UE have just published a new report noting that, “Increased sedentary time in childhood can raise cholesterol levels by two thirds as an adult, leading to heart problems and even premature death. But a new study has found light physical activity may completely reverse the risks and is far more effective than moderate-to-vigorous physical activity”

What have we said all along, here at the Fab Food Blog? Forget the jogging, weights, swimming, and so on. Most of us will fail on such commitments within days or weeks of making the resolution. Just get a dog – and walk it two or three times a day. It’s easy and invigorating. You’ll feel great. And you’ll lose weight, too.

Holidays derail healthy eating ‘good intentions’

“We needed another survey to tell us that? Again?” Doc O. sputters…

According to a new survey from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center: “Two-thirds of those surveyed said they overindulge in food, nearly 45 percent said they take a break from exercise, and more than half report feeling tired and have less time for themselves. […] A third admit they drink more alcohol during the holidays.”

No kidding? I always thought this was common knowledge? Until now, I haven’t felt compelled to write a post on the issue because… Well… Everybody knows. And the few who seem to care (or are actually motivated to tackle the ‘problem’) are largely drowned out by the raucous racket of seasonal celebrations.

I have a theory… One that may surprise some folks and confound others. Still others may get mad at me. But here it is: When sister Erin quit smoking, it was ‘time’. She just quit. And she never looked back. She simply decided to do it. And she did it. She’s 12 years clean and smokeless as of last Labour Day.

“When it’s your time to get healthy, you’ll just do it. You won’t relapse, and you won’t look back,” Dr. O. assures us. “Or you’ll eventually succumb to a heart attack or stroke. If the cancer doesn’t get you first. It’s up to you.”

My take

Dr. Obvious – bless his heart – hasn’t changed a bit as a result of his recent… Confinement. And that’s (probably) a good thing – for all of us!

~ Maggie J.