Culinary Hacks: The Best Of A New Bumper Crop!

I usually don’t post about ‘new’ and ‘nifty’ kitchen hacks. But I’m making an exception today. I have just come across a huge cache of simple techniques that can make your cooking experience easier and – maybe – more fun. Some were new even to me!

Wine Bottle Rav Press - © via PintrestUse a punted wine bottle as a ravioli press: Makes round, fat, perfectly crimped,
generous-sized Ravs! And think of the fun you’ll have telling your
guests how you made the pasta they’re raving about!

The post I found on The Street Insider comprises just over 200 hacks. Some will already be familiar to you. Others will be new. I’ll apologise on Street Insider‘s behalf in advance for the repeated entries you’ll no doubt notice scrolling the list…

Slice Cheeses, Cakes with dental floss

Takes some practice. but you’ll love the results. Don’t fiddle with special knives or servers. Or oiling, heating or moistening the cutting surfaces. Just pull out the floss. I have to admit,m it’s kind of fun! As cheeses go, this technique works best on soft ones like fresh Mozzarella or Goat Cheese.

Use Egg Slicer for small veggies

… Like mushrooms, and other soft or semi-soft ones. Never worry again about uneven slices of Mushroom (or whatever) marring the presentation of your next pizza, soup or stew!

Use Shower Caps to cover bowls

Disposable plastic shower caps come in a variety of sizes. You’ll find one to fit every size of round mixing or serving bowl you have. I love this one! Though I have not reached the point where I am so frustrated with the infernal self-stickiness of regular plastic wrap that I would consider paying considerably more for shower caps. I wonder if someone will find a way to clean they so they can be reuse?

Check Egg freshness with a glass of water

I have a funny tickle in the back of my mind over this one. Like I learned this at my mother’s knee and forgot it over the decades that have passed since. Just place any suspect egg in a glass of water. If it sinks, it’s good. If it floats, it’s bad. Never again screw up a bowl full of otherwise prefect ingredients by cracking a bad egg into it!

Store Peanut Butter upside down

Just make sure the lid’s on tight, first! This easy hack ensures that, if any peanut oil separates from the product while sitting, it won’t settle to the top!

Use Marshmallows to rescue hard Brown Sugar

We all suffer from this culinary bane at one time or another – or perpetually. You can place a piece of fresh, moist bread in the sugar bag, but that doesn’t always work. Instead, try putting a few large marshmallows in the bag and sealing the whole thing in an air-tight container.

Use Olive Brine instead of Salt

This one is primarily aimed at Mediterranean cooks. But you might want to try it elsewhere, where olives themselves would be an alien in inclusion. Use trial and error to determine how much brine equals the usual amount of salt you add to any recipe.

Ironing Board cooling rack?

Yes! If you have an metal ironing board with a grating to support the top pad, you can take off the pad and use the structure as an extra cooling rack for big baking projects.

Punted Wine Bottle makes perfect Ravioli

See the featured photo, above to get the gist…

My take…

Yes, some of these are old standbys. Some actually pre-date me. But I felt they deserved a renaissance. Others are new to me… Though maybe not to you!

Now, sit back and congratulate yourself on how many of the above you already knew! Hope this post has suggested to you at least one new way to add a little more fun to your cooking…

~ Maggie J.