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Craziest Diets EVER: Side effects include DEATH!

Okay… You’ve heard about nutty diet ideas before, and some of the ones I’m going to point you to in a minute may already be familiar. But, really! Some of the extreme diet regimes chronicled in a recent Yahoo! blog post are downright dangerous and potentially deadly!

Tapeworm Diet - © choosenatural.comThe parasite goes viral! Tapeworms have even made appearances
on talk shows, as above on Tyra

From the so-called Ice Diet and Cotton Ball Diet (eat all you want, feel full but consume no calories) to the utter madness of ingesting a tapeworm on purpose, to burn off excess calories, these diets will amaze and, possibly. disgust you…

As a side note, some doctors say that pursuing the Cotton Ball Diet, for example, can be classified as acquiring an eating disorder! Doctors also warn that the Cotton Ball Diet can be deadly.

And side effects of the Tapeworm Diet may include Blindness, Brain Damage, Vomiting, Diarrhea and, again, even Death!

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~ Maggie J.