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Antibiotics Re-Introduced In Chick-Fil-A Chicken. BUT…

The Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich stopped using antibiotics in its chicken back in 2014. But now, Chick-Fil-A is bringing back antibiotics – though not the same ones they dropped. And the online critics have been quick to howl…

Original Chicken Sandwich - © 2024 - Chick-Fil-AThe original CFA Chicken Breast Sandwich. Just Chicken and Pickles on a ‘toasted, buttery’ bun.
Many have copied it, with varying success. But none has eclipsed its iconic reputation…

Online world up in arms

The social media hacks are all over Chick-Fil-A for re-introducing antibiotics in the growing programs for their chickens. More accurately, the producers who supply CFA are doing it. But, as usual, the knee-jerk, ill-informed protesters are ‘going off half cocked’…


The move has, first and foremost, necessitated a change in CFA’s slogan. They’re switching from No Antibiotics Ever to No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine. And it appears that claim is legit. But that hasn’t stopped ill-informed online critics from punishing their keyboards with brutal protests.

Quality the issue

“Quality has always been our approach to food,” the news release states. “And because chicken is at the center of our menu, we serve only real, white breast meat with no added fillers, artificial preservatives, or steroids. Like other chicken in the United States, ours contains no added hormones.”

No particulars

The brief announcement doesn’t provide details of the new ‘non-human’ antibiotics plan. But industry observers note that Tyson Foods – the second-largest US chicken producer – has recently switched its growing program to include substances called ionophores in the diets of some of its chickens. Ionophores are used to prevent intestinal disease, specifically coccidiosis, a bacterial gastrointestinal illness caused by a protozoan.

Who supplies CFA chicken?

As somebody who works at Chick-fil-A currently, they use a variety of suppliers and distributors that seem to change pretty frequently every few weeks,” advises Quora contributor Lucas Everett. “But all always come from one of the following states. Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, or Tennessee.”

CFA ‘goes the extra mile’

“We established an Animal Well Being Council of outside experts, which provides feedback on our policies and practices,” The CFA release states. “With their input, we are constantly evaluating our approach to animal well being to ensure it is consistent with or exceeds industry standards.”

“NAIHM restricts the use of those antibiotics that are […] commonly used to treat people, and allows use of animal antibiotics only if the animal and those around it were to become sick.”

My take

CFA was founded by S. Truett Cathy, described on the official CFA History page as having, “led a life that was centered on biblical principles and family.” And his descendants have followed his pious, philanthropic example. You probably already know that CFA is the only restaurant chain in the US that closes on Sunday.

Given the company’s creed and record, I have confidence that CFA’s re-introduction of antibiotics is on the up-and-up. The National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes for Health agrees.

So… As harsh as some of the knee-jerk backlash to the CFA antibiotic announcement has been, I can’t credit the concerns raised by ill-informed critics with any significant credibility.

~ Maggie J.

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