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Canadian Deli Serves Up Anti-Trump Sammy

We all know that enterprising restaurateurs piggyback their promo efforts on bid events, like election campaigns. They’ll create limited-time specials representing each of the candidates and see how many of each they sell. But one Deli proprietor in Windsor just wants to thump Trump…

Trump Sandwich - © Windsor Sandwich ShopThe Trump Sandwich: It is what he is.

Lawrence Lavender is a dual Canadian-U.S citizen. He runs the Windsor Sandwich Shop in Windsor, ON, right across the river from Detroit and has lots of U.S. regulars. He also has some definite opinions about the current U.S. presidential election race.

So… He’s launched a limited-time special at his sandwich counter mocking Republican candidate Donald Trump. In fact, it’s not just a sandwich; it’s a whole theme plate!

You get about 8 slices of Bologna between two pieces of White Bread with a Sour Pickle and a side of Russian Dressing. It’s surrounded by a ‘Mexican Wall’ of Corn Chips. All it’s missing is a ‘Cheesy’ layer…

“I’m certainly not a fan of his,” Lavender says of Trump. “He’s dangerous. He has a thin skin. He’s all fluff, no substance.”

Just like the Bologna Sandwich that bears his name.

Lavender says he ‘always has [voted] and always will’ vote in U.S. elections. His ballot will be counted in his native Florida, which he calls ‘the mother of all swing states’. I hope he’s keeping count of the Trump Sammies he sells. The result could predict the outcome of the election as reliably as any other candidate sandwich poll!

Vote early! Vote often! And order a Trump Special at the Windsor Sandwich Shop to celebrate National Bologna Day, October 24!

~ Maggie J.