Paula Deen: Extorted! - © Michael Wright - WENN.jpg

Buttergate Update: Paula Deen blackmailed!

The Paula Deen Scandal – let’s call it ‘Buttergate‘ – spreads its ugly tentacles ever wider with each passing day, as new and shocking revelations come one after another. The latest: Paula Deen was threatened by an extortionist over the court case that started the whole ‘N’-word mess…

Paula Deen: Extorted! - © Michael Wright - WENN.jpg

Yes, its true! Paul Deen – deposed Queen of Southern Cuisine – was the target of an extortionist, who threatened to go public with ‘true and damning statements’ which he said proved that she lied in a court statement in which she admitted to using the ‘N’ word, albeit a long time ago. The statement, itself, was damning enough, as it turned out.

The statement went public, then viral, resulting in Deen’s dismissal by half a dozen of her biggest sponsors and being fired by The Food Network. Knee-jerk reactions, I say, and possibly self-defeating, since at least one survey taken since the Buttergate Scandal broke shows that more than two-thirds of her fans still love her, regardless.

The Squeeze

Seems a man, later identified as 62-year-old Thomas George Paculis of Newfield, NY, sent his damand for $250,000 to Deen’s lawyer, Greg Hodges, on June 24, just after the court statement leaked. Paculis also reported to have contacted the lawyer for the person suing Deen in the ‘N’-word court case, asking for a similar amount to provide the plaintiff with the same information.

By then, though, the FBI was involved and shortly tracked down and arrested Paculis. He’s scheduled to appear on federal charges in Savannah, GA, on July 16.

What next?

Who know? But the chances Deen will be able to recoup some of her sponsorship losses through the sale of her story to a Major Motion Picture Company are looking better and better every passing day…

~ Maggie J.