The Original Doughnut Dollie - 1918 - © unknown

National Doughnut Day Is This Friday!

This Friday, June 1, is officially National Doughnut Day in the U.S., and we should all be thinking of ways to celebrate – not to mention activities we can pursue during ‘run-up week’! Yes, all the big Doughnut chains will have specials and contests to mark the big day. We’ve got the back story…

Doughnut Day Sheet Music - © Broadway Music Corp courtesy The Library of CongressNational Doughnut Day is this Friday. But do you know the story behind it?


Sheet Music for a pop song of the day, honouring the ‘Doughnut Girls’.

The celebration goes back to 1938, when The Salvation Army in Chicago held a party to honour the female Sally Anne volunteers who went to France during the First World War, to support the troops by, among other things, distributing fresh Doughnuts. So deeply were the volunteers associated with their tremendously popular fried treats, that they became known as the ‘Doughnut Girls’. Sally Anne’s Doughnut service for the troops was resurrected during the Second World War, when the troops called the volunteers the ‘Doughnut Dollies’.

Wikipedia notes: “In Chicago and other cities, National Doughnut Day is still a fundraiser for The Salvation Army. In 2017, the organization joined with Russ’s Market, Super Saver, LaMar’s Donuts, Hurts Donuts and Krispy Kreme in Lincoln, Nebraska to raise funds on National Doughnut Day.”

And… If you thought National Doughnut Day was in November, you’re not wrong! There are actually two official National Doughnut Days, and many Doughnut lovers celebrate both!

Here’s what the big three have in store for you, literally, on June 1:

At Dunkin’ Donuts you can get a free classic doughnut of your choice with the purchase of any beverage at participating locations.

At Krispy Kreme you can request a free doughnut of your choice at participating locations with no purchase required.

Tim Horton’s is going all-out for the big day, June 1, 2018,  free 24k edible gold-covered Timbits doughnut holes and free donuts for a year to the first in-restaurant guest after 6 .a.m. to ask for ‘Gold Timbits’ at each of five specially selected U.S. restaurants in Buffalo, NY, Columbus, OH, and Detroit, MI. No purchase needed! Thing is, they aren’t saying which Tim’s in each city will be ‘loaded’. Find full contest rules here.

Check out your local one-off Coffee Shops and Bakeries for specials, too!

~ Maggie J.