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Okay! It’s a Maggie J’s Q&A!

We’re trying something new, fresh and – we hope – exciting for you! ‘Changing it up’ is what I’m always recommending to you as the easy way to keep your to keep your family’s menus intriguing and and fresh. Now, I’m changing it up with the first every one-on-one Q&A with – Me! See you all tomorrow…

Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings - © recipetineats.comVolcanic Hot Wings: Not directly to blame for my flu, but not being able to eat anything because my mouth is full of sores and blisters is contributing materially to my overall discomfort!

Okay… Ready? Here we go with the first question…

Q. What is this, anyway?

A. What the headline says. A Q&A

Q. About what?

A. You’re asking the questions.

Q. Right. Well… You’re not looking so good.

A. I’m sick.

Q. Sick how?

A. Flu. Haven’t has so much as a light cold for several years. Now, the works.

Q. You didn’t get your Flu shot?

A. Costs a fortune. And I was riding a high.

Q. But still…

A. Costs a fortune. Unless you’re over 65, then the government pays for it.

Q. I’d have thought you’d more than qualify…

A. Watch it.

Q. Sorry. What are your symptoms?

A. The usual, chills and sweats by turns, low grade fever, nausea, occasional dizziness.

Q. You keep touching your mouth. Tooth ache on top of it all?

A. No. I’ve got a mouth full of sores after taking part in an ill-advised Hot Wings Competition a few days ago.

Q. A little too much Chefly bravado?

A. A little too much booze more like.

Q. What are you doing for it?

A. Lots of fluids – the kinds that don’t aggravate my mouth wounds. And I’m humping around the house under a mound of hoodies, shawls and blankets that make me look like Di Caprio just after he dug himself out of his grave in The Revenant.

Q.Why don’t you just lie down and rest?

A. Had to find something to post on on the Blog, first. The Food news wires are dead quiet this week…

Q. Okay… That’s about it for now. If Maggie is still down for the count tomorrow, we’ll bring you an update right here, on the Fabulous Food Blog

~ Maggie J.