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Maggie J’s Fab Food Blog News: New, Broader Coverage!

We’ve been preparing for expansion at the Fab Food Blog for some time. Now, after a brief trial run, we’re set to go full-steam ahead! This post will fill you in on what’s happening, and suggest how you can get more out of every visit to!

UK high food prices - © 2023 mashed.comMore of the news you need to know, should know, and want to know!

The big news

The big news – as some of you will have noticed – is that we’re now posting two or more items in this space every day. There are two reasons for that.

1.) There’s a lot more news

The first is that the volume of food-related news has increased sharply in the past couple of years. You could say, since the end of the COVID Crisis, when the world returned to what passes for normal. And we fell we have a responsibility to get all the news to you that matters.

2.) There’s more you need to know

Over the years that we’ve been writing and editing the Foodsphere news for you, a pattern of sorts has emerged. We now see three clearly defined categories of news that we need to accommodate:

The news you NEED to know: Including food price updates, government pronouncements, major comings, goings and doings – both personal and corporate – on the food scene…

The news you SHOULD know about: Scientific- and health-related items, food recalls, major brand-related news, theme-oriented issues…

The News you’ll WANT to know about: Recipe and ingredient features, Foodsphere celebrity news, food trends and fads, restaurant reviews…

What you can do…

… To get the most out of every visit to

Adopt a simple, new – rewarding – habit: Always scroll down to the second and third rows of story blurbs on the Home Page! You’ll be able to positively identify all the day’s new stories by checking the date in the Info Note directly under the featured photo.

Just to entice you further… There may be some days that we post more than 3 new stories. You can’t ‘save’ the news for another day: By then, it’s not ‘news’ anymore!

Give it a try…

Today, we’ve posted 3 stories. Go ahead and scroll down to discover our just-for-fun item on the wild and woolly world of McDonald’s nicknames around the globe…


~ Maggie J.