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KFC Training Game: ‘K’ Is For ‘Kreepy’!

We’ve brought you news of KFC’s ongoing nutty stunts to promote their brand. Celebrity Colonels, a ‘Space Shot’ and even a dancing chicken. But, now, there’s word of a new employee training ‘game room’ that teaches the importance of KFC’s hand-breading process to new recruits…

It’s titled The Hard Way and runs about ten minutes, total. And it’s like a cross between a Gothic murder mystery and an episode of Futurama. There’s a creepy portrait of The Colonel with holes where the eyes should be and a flying box with robotic arms that shows you what to do.

The ‘game’ is self-described as a ‘virtual escape room’, and the Colonel’s portrait gives you instructions about what you have to do to get out. We assume you have to make a perfect batch of Fried Chicken to escape. But what does that say about KFC management’s own view of the job? I guess a creepy training experience beats actually being chained to the fryer with a black-hooded, whip-wielding ogre standing over you…

I guess this is KFC’s attempt to get their message across to the Final Fantasy generation. But It does nothing for me. I can’t speak for the teens and early-twenty-something who will be taking this ‘course’, but I really do feel it misses the mark.

The complete experience covers inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking, and pressure frying The Colonel’s Chicken. Feel free to sample The Hard Way yourself. KFC has released some ‘lesson modules’ from the ’employees only’ website on YouTube. (Check out the ‘trailer’, embedded above.)

~ Maggie J.