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Kellogg’s Opens All-Cereal Restaurant

Yes, it sounds crazy. It may, in fact, be crazy. But it’s happening in New York City – arguably, the capital of crazy – and it’s getting a lot of media attention. Should I be ‘promoting’ this development with coverage on my humble blog? Well, that’s not my intention. I want to spotlight the ‘crazy’ part…

nside KelloggsNYC Café - © Ron LaiInside the new KelloggsNYC Café…

Kellogg’s and other cereal brands have been fighting a massive though glacially slow move away from the conventional middle class breakfast. That is, a move away from cereal as a breakfast food.

Consider the evolving breakfast environment…

McDonald’s came in first with breakfast menu items, notably the much copied Egg McMuffin. Now, all the major fast food chains have fo9llowed suit and huge numbers of busy folks who, in bygone days, would have eaten breakfast at home, are grabbing a breakfast they can hold in their hand on the way to work or school.

That’s bad news for the cereal makers, who used to have a lock on urban breakfast in the western world.

What to do?

They’ve tried pointing out other things you can do with cereals, like making Rice Crispies Squares. Kellogg’s has even started to make those itself and package them for convenience eating. Quaker has long extolled the the healthfulness of its Oats, original or quick, and that crusade has not slowed or weakened.

Insane restaurant owners have been ploughing cereals into their breakfast concoctions, including beverages, to questionable acclaim.

So, Kellogg’s is taking the bull by the horns

The brand has opened its first cereal-only restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. This is not a gimmicky pop-up, either. Kellogg’s is stressing that it’s a permanent outlet.

KelloggsNTC Kumquat Life - © Ron LaiKumquat Life, one of the featured menu items at the new KelloggsNYC Café.

The menu includes delicacies such as ‘Bananas Foster’, (built on a bed of Special K and Frosted Flakes), and ‘Apple Pie’ (Cinnamon-roasted Apples, Caramel, Sea Salt and crumbled Cinnamon-Raisin Pop Tarts on a bed of Apple Jacks cereal).

There’s also a DIY Cereal Bar with over 30 ‘playful’ toppings.

And they’re throwing lots of amenities at potential customers to draw them in including (and this is a quote):

  • Free wi-fi
  • 2,000 sq ft of ridiculously comfortable seating
  • Views over Union Square Park
  • 65″ TVs
  • Tons of card and board games
  • Conference/game room available for rent

(End quote.)

If you have a chance to visit the KelloggsNYC Café, let us know what you thought of it…

~ Maggie J.