By the Way…

Did you catch me on the Letters Page in the Ottawa Citizen a couple of weeks back?

I think the online post of my comment in support of higher sanitary standards in our Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional kitchens, is still posted…

In the foodservice industry, cleanliness is next to profitability (every chef/owner’s Holy Grail). At Maggie J’s, we never cut corners on cleanliness, always store foods at safe temperatures and, above all, wash our hands frequently!

If you were wondering…

Frozen foods should ideally be kept at -18C or colder for longest survival and best preservation of flavour, colour and texture.

Refrigerated foods should be kept at +3C to +4C to ensure best preservation and longest storage life.

I’ll be sharing additional specific refrigeration and freezing tips for various foods in future posts.

Stay tuned!

~ Maggie