Home style, hand made and bursting with flavour!*

Can be frozen.

(*Minimum order $20.)

Hand Made Sausages

Our own family recipes! Hand ground, hand stuffed, hand twisted.
Slow smoked or fresh, your call.

Mild Italian Breakfast – Basil, Garlic and Fennel
Classic Polish – Pepper, Garlic and Fennel
Spicy Chorizo  – Perfect for Paella
German Bratwurst – Your Oktoberfest Choice
New Orleans Andouille – New Orleans Spicy
Smoked Turkey – A fall Classic
Carolina Pulled Pork – Spicy-Sweet
Perky Pepperoni – Just what the name says!

Prices on Request

Our prices are dependent upon the prevailing market prices for
various meats and other ingredients with which we work. These
prices change daily. We will be pleased to quote on your specific
party and event requirements based on current ingredient prices!

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