Bread Baskets and Dessert Trays*

May we suggest…

Pair one of our Home Made Bread Baskets with one of our Sliced Meat
and stack it your way!

Add a Pastry or Sweets Tray to cap off your Maggie J’s Dining
Experience in style!

Bread Basket – Classic

Our Own Home Made Kaiser Rolls, Whole
Wheat Rolls and White Rolls

Bread Basket – Fancy

Our Own Home Made Onion Rolls,
Sourdough Rolls and Rye Rolls

Bread Basket – BBQ Lover’s

Our Own Home Made Onion Rolls,
Sourdough Rolls and Wheat or Corn

Pastry Tray

Assorted Muffins, Pastries and Treats –
Guaranteed to please at meeting time,
coffee time, lunch time or anytime!

Sweets Tray

Assorted Squares, Tarts and Turnovers
Ask us what’s new from our local Pastry
Chef Partners this week!

Prices on Request

Our prices are dependent upon the prevailing market prices for
various meats and other ingredients with which we work. These
prices change daily. We will be pleased to quote on your specific
party and event requirements based on current ingredient prices!

*Our Platters & Trays serve…

• Small: 6-9
• Large: 10-12

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