Round Out Your Repast!*

May we suggest…

Crudité Veggie Tray

Our Veggie Tray features fresh Hand Cut
Carrot and Celery batons, Cherry Tomatoes,
and Cauliflower and Broccoli Florets
with Our Own Tzatziki or Raita Dip.

Antipasto Veggie Tray

Our Antipasto Tray features Roasted Red
, Pepperoncini, Pickled Mushrooms,
Cherry Tomatoes and Stuffed Olives – with
Our Own Tzatziki or Raita Dip

Seasonal Fruit Basket

Local Canadian Fruits and Berries in
season plus Imported Specialties as available

Classic Cheese Tray

Medium Ontario Cheddar, Provolone,
Gruyere and Havarti – with Assorted
Croutons and Crackers.

International Cheese Tray

Medium Ontario Cheddar, Provolone,
Gruyere, Herbed Havarti, Bleu and
Monterrey Jack – with Croutons and Our
Own Home Made Wheat Flour Tortilla Chips

Prices on Request

Our prices are dependent upon the prevailing market prices for
various meats and other ingredients with which we work. These
prices change daily. We will be pleased to quote on your specific
party and event requirements based on current ingredient prices!

*Our Platters & Trays serve…

• Small: 6-9
• Large: 10-12

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