We do sell our famous hand made, home-style Rolls and Breads separately!*

(*Minimum order $20., any combination of Breads
& Rolls sold separately.)

Home Made Sandwich Rolls

Classic Kaiser, White, Whole Wheat,
Light Rye, Onion-Topped and Sourdough
By the Dozen / Half Dozen

Southwestern Sourdough Loaf

The perfect accompaniment to any BBQ
or Southwestern Feast. Slice it as thick
as you want it… Dip it, sandwich it or just
slather on the butter and enjoy!
By the Loaf

Brioche Style Raisin Bread

Always a treat – Toasted for breakfast,
French-toasted for Brunch, or anytime,
all by itself, with your favourite spread!
By the Loaf

Classic Tortillas

Our Own Taco-sized (6 in.) Classic White
Corn and White Wheat Flour Soft Tortillas
By the Dozen / Half Dozen

Mrs. Indovina’s Pizza Dough

Mrs Indovina  brought the recipe with her
from Napoli when she came to Canada
In 1947. We still make it her way, by hand.
Make your own Authentic Pizzas, Bread
Sticks, Calzones and Crusty Flatbread
By the Crust (600g)

Prices on Request

Our prices are dependent upon the prevailing market prices for
various flours and other ingredients with which we work. These
prices change daily. We will be pleased to quote on your specific
party and event requirements based on current ingredient prices!

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