Worldwide pork shortage?

I’ll bet you saw the big headlines this morning, on TV and on the Web, that, “one pork growers’ association is warning of a dramatic shortfall on pork production starting early in 2013.” That understandably translates to a pork shortage. Some journalists led their stories with an admonition to bacon lovers to stock up now, to avoid disappointment.

The pork grower’s association that issued the warning was a UK group. But the grain (feed) shortage it was commenting on is worldwide.

A Canadian pork producers’ spokesman told The Canadian Press this past week that many Canadian pork formers are already culling their herds to avoid high feed costs this winter, while some have already declared bamkrupcy, foreseeing an untenable financial situation in the coming months. Spokesman Martin Rice of the Canadian Pork Council revealed that it already costs about $180. to raise a hog that will bring only $150. at market.

The U.S. government has started buying up pork and stockpiling it, to help out its producers. China is reportedly doing the same, not to financially support fasrmers, but to ensure that there is not an actual pork shortage there next year. Pork is a staple of the Asian diet.

Let me assure devotees of our hand-made, home-made Pancetta Rotolata, Carolina Pulled Pork, and scrumptious Sausages that we, here at Maggie J’s, will do everything we can to keep our prices low. But, like everyone else in our business, we’ll have to pass on some increases to you. When that becomes necessary, you’ll hear it here first, on the blog.

~ Maggie J.