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Maggie J’s News: Maggie J. Sidelined in Fall!

Yup… There’s a good reason I haven’t been posting regularly over the past few days. I actually injured myself in a fall. Not skiing crazy on the half-pipe, not snow boarding, not trying to make a Triple Axel on the rink… No, it was something much more mundane but much more germane to this blog…

Supermarket Doors - © destdc.comYour enemy.

So… I was walking out of the supermarket (which one it was I won’t say, because it all worked out okay) when a gust of wind knocked the sliding door off its tracks and blew the rubber floor mat up against my knees, taking my legs out from under me. I went right over, landing in the middle of the doorway, banging up the palms of my hands, one knee and my forehead. Most of my injuries were superficial. The only fatality was the box of eggs in the bottom of the bag I was carrying at the time. It was a total wipe-out. Small thing, when you consider how it might have all gone down ( I use the term ‘gone down’ intentionally).

Anyway, I’m not typing anywhere my usual speed, yet, with that banged-up right hand. And I’m still limping a little from the hit on my trick knee. And, as you might expect, I’m not cooking up to par or up to full steam, either. knife skills don’t really matter when you can’t hold a knife!

Talk to you, again, real soon!

~ Maggie J.